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moya - October 19

I am 17 i had a baby girl sept 17th so anyone if you have questions about labor and delivery let me know


xoxox - October 19

can you give us your birth story-how long labor was, painful? epidural? side effects? thanks so much


hali - October 19

yes i need to know some things! i'm 13 wks. did you have it or did you get a c-section? did it hurt really bad like you were about to die? please write back. and congradulations


to xoxox - October 25

yea well my water broke at 2 in the morning and i got to the hospital and they sis the swab thing and it came out almost black so they knew my water had broke and the contractions hurt so bad, and i was mad i got an epidural 2 hours later and went right to sleep and when i woke up at about 9:20 they told me i was ready to push and i popped her right out, i didnt have any side effects to the epidural. I recommed it to everyone!


to hali - October 25

i had a v____al delivery the contractions Hurt they are no joke.


Jessie - October 31

when you first saw her what did u think? are u still with ur babys daddy what is your babys name


M - October 31

my daughters name is aniyah when i first saw her i honestly thought she was not cute at all her face was puffy and i was just like this is not my baby but now shes the cutest thing ever to me, yes i am still with my babys dad we have been together a 2 years and some months


moya - November 17

im 16 n im prego i want to know everything about labor n delivery


M - November 17

Well labor and delivery is tiring and depending on how long your labor and delivery is going to make it diffrent. i was in labor for about 7 1/2 hours and i deliverd in about 12 min. Pushing is hard too, you push so hard and just a little bit comes out at a time, but after the head its easy just one more push and they pull it right out. I reccomend epidural to take away the pain because for me it was just unbearable, but now i have back problems. Anything else?


maci - November 17

why didnt u get an epidural


M - November 22

I did get an epidural, i was saying that i reccomend it because it helped with my pain. moya, my name is moya too haha



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