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Lainy - May 5

If i get fingered or have s_x (i am a virgin) i kno ur ''cherry pops'' how bad does it hurt and would i bleed im 17 so im legal to have s_x but im just wonderin please answer xxxLainy


leah - May 5

well im 16 and i've tried having s_x with my boyfriend for the past year and a half but it doesnt happen, because im unlucky and very tight, u probably wont be like me but if you are expect some bad pain!


Harry - May 5

You can get some of that ambesol gel for teething babies and put it in yer cooch to numb it and then it won't hurt.


Lainy - May 5

But won t_t feel weird for dat boy,you see since i started my period ive had to use pads because i cudnt puch a tampon up b'cos it hurt wen i tried, wil he kno if its my first tym if i bleed? do u actually bleed? xxx Lainy


Harry - May 5

Well larry, not all gurls bleed. Just keep working on the tampon. Start with the small and work up to the large. Then he will never know your a virgin. Or you might have vanigachristamus. That's where theres tissue making the vajina not open all the way and then you have to get surgery.


Audrey - May 5

Lainy- If you intend to become s_xually active soon, go on the pill or have alternate methods of protection available. Some women bleed the first time and some don't, it depends if the hymen (a small piece of tissue inside the v____a) is intact or not. Sometimes it might break on its own if you are very active in sports. When you do decide to try, make sure your partner is very gentle with you, because it is uncomfortable until you relax and get used to it.


Autumn - May 5

Okay. ive had s_x before. yes it hurts, alot for like 3 seconds. but once its in, its in. u just have to get it over with, cuz once it pops then u can actually enjoy s_x, and it feels good. trust me, you'll be happy u finally did it. and just tell your boyfriend to really push hard, or get his thing a lil wet so it goes in easier, cuz sometimes it hurts more if its dry.


nikki - May 5

For me, it didnt really hurt that bad. there was a little discomfort, and i bled for a few hours afterward


Melia - May 5

It took me 4 tries with my boyfriend before he could get it in me without hurting so bad I couldn't stand it. I had never been fingered or anything, so its alot like what you'll experience. I bled a little, but its not that bad, its very light bleeding. The first 10 times are so are a little uncomfortable still, and even now after I've had s_x for about a year and a half, if I wait a week between s_x sessions it still hurts a little. Make sure you use protection and trust the guy you're with. Good luck!


Maegan - May 6

Sometimes girls bleed a lil and sometimes alot. It doesnt hurt alot only for a second and then im pretty sure u'll start to enjoy it just be safe..


tiff - May 6

when i lost my virginity i bleed for about an hour after yes it was painful but everybody is different the first time i got on top i was ready to cry it hurt so bad but maybe it will be completely diff for you never know


to lainy from leah - May 6

lainy i can relate to your two posts on here, and ive also only been able to wear pads, and my boyfriend has tried "pushing hard" but it still wont go in.


to all the "too tight" girls - May 6

if your not brave enough to take the pain and let him go all the way in, your not ready to have s_x. either dont have s_x or find a guy with a smaller p-p.


Lynn - May 6

S_x my first time didnt really hurt,.. a lil uncomfy,,, i also didnt bleed at all. everyone is diffrent


~kat~ - May 6

im the same as lynn!


precious - May 9

well it all depends on how many fingers the guy is using. ya it will hurt cause ur a virgin but feel good at da same time.ya u wiil bleed


Monica - May 9

its suppose thats normal...when i 1st had s_x when i was 13 it took him like 5 times to get in in...and oOo boy did it hurt i felt like i wanted to cry.lol.sometimes it will bleed...it was bleeding just a lil bit when i lost mii virginity



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