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Monica - May 9

its suppose thats normal...when i 1st had s_x when i was 13 it took him like 5 times to get in in...and oOo boy did it hurt i felt like i wanted to cry.lol.sometimes it will bleed...it was bleeding just a lil bit when i lost mii virginity


autumn - May 10

OMG!! you CANNOT pop your cherry by playing sports or horseback riding!!! Lainy, dont listen to some of these people.u can only pop your cherry by haveing INTERCOURSE, or if u literally pop it yourself on purpose, like jam a d____o up there or something. your cherry isnt like a finger nail that breaks, its your VIRGINITY. God didnt make ur virginity so fragile that it can be gone by just be active! sorry for the aggresive post, but dumb people really p__s me off.


V - May 10

Well first of all it is called a 'hymen' and yes it can be broken by vigorous over -exersion


lola - May 14

it does hurt...n you'll bleed like u had your period but in sum cases if u ride a bike alot or any acitivties you cherry may b popped already w/o u knowing...sum ppl r born w/o a cherry 2...mine popped while juss wlaking


bee - June 2

do u bleed after gettin fingered yur first time, and should you get it checked out if you do


ummm - June 2

i agree u can pop ur cherry while playin certain sports or somethign active for example riding a bike you could pop it u dun have to have intercourse to do so..


Sha - June 2

Well i been having s_x since i was 17 and by birthday is in jan. and i dont think my cherry pop. Will it be a lot of bleeding or just i a little bit. and will it hurt a lot????????


Yesse - June 2

Im was just wanting to know that since im not a virgin why do i bleed after i have s_x and if its normal its happen twice now.


Ca__sandra - June 2

For me, It was just discomfort. No bleeding. Good luck!


Lisa - June 2

If it was that bad, girls probably wouldn't be having s_x so young...tell the guy you are a virgin, that way he will be aware and will take it easy the first time. The legal age to have s_x varies...depending on where you are from In Australia, the legal age is 16. I think it varies from state to state if you live in the US.


JitMzzezso4 - June 3

alls i got to say is it hurts lyk a b___h, nd if u got a tight v____a, thynk twice. i was sore for lyk 2 days nd ma thigs was killin me nd ya pelvis bone finna hurt lyk hell.


soleil - June 4

when i had s_x for the first time it did hurt a bit but as he was trying to go in and it also hurt for a couple of times later but i did not bleed at all


lulu - June 4

i was 14 when i fisrt had s_x...it's better if you get fingered first... thats what i did i was fingered with 4 fingers then it didn't urt that bad when i had s_x


Poetry - June 4

Hi gurl. No you are not a virgin if you had s_x. It does hurt the first time you have s_x but after a while it stops. make sure you're protected....


kiba - June 21

can ur hymen pop the first time u've ever been fingered?


Sarah - June 22

I'm with you on that one Kat. I'm 19 and pregnant and all it took was ONE time. I thought it would never happen to me but I thought wrong. I'm not with the guy at the moment which is very hard for me and I knw it's not going to be easy being a single mom. You girls are so immature and need to realize that s_x isn't for fun, it's for love. Take things seriously, if your gonna have s_x at least use protection.....birth control, condoms, even the morning after pill b/c as Kat said....Another life is not a joke!!!!



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