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Sarah - June 22

I'm with you on that one Kat. I'm 19 and pregnant and all it took was ONE time. I thought it would never happen to me but I thought wrong. I'm not with the guy at the moment which is very hard for me and I knw it's not going to be easy being a single mom. You girls are so immature and need to realize that s_x isn't for fun, it's for love. Take things seriously, if your gonna have s_x at least use protection.....birth control, condoms, even the morning after pill b/c as Kat said....Another life is not a joke!!!!


Audrey - June 22

Sarah- I think a friend of mine said it best: S_x is the ultimate expression of love between a man and a woman and should not be taken casually or for granted.


belle - June 22

its different for every girl. for instance, for me it was HELL. very painful. but dont let that scare you- some girls dont even bleed or feel any pain.


H - June 22

It hurts really bad, don't do it you might get pregnant!!!


me - June 23

yes you will bleed not much though and it hurts but not that bad its just that it hurts worse if u tense up after the first time u know what to expect so it dont hurt as bad its not that bad but its not a bowl of icecream either personaly im glad its over with


... - June 28

Lainy- i'm 16 and it was one month before my 16th birthday that i lost my virginity. i did not bleed when we had s_x. but then again i did gymnastic All my life, and did other things like cheerleading (2years) Karate (3 years) and dance (4 years) but during thoughs i was pushed down into a straddle was i was 4 (in dance) by the teacher (and owner) and i bled so thats why i think i didn't bleed the first time i had s_x.. but it does hurt the first couple seconds.. but after that you're fine.


Shenda - June 29

lainy.the first time i did it.i did bleed a little bit.and it hurt a lot.for the first few seconds but after that it felt so good gurl it's like d__n! well if you need any advice e.mail me at lavinas_angel81@yahoo.com


kesha - July 5

if you get fingered but never had s_x are youa virgin


Just my story.... - July 5

With me... OMG It hurt so bad! I had s_x for about 15 seconds the first time (and second and third!! hhahaha) Nah, it got a little longer every time but still, my bf didn't "get off" until like the 4th time... I also bled for like 5 hours on like, the 2nd day of trying... it sucked... But yeah, you shouldn't have s_x... now I'm 18 and pregnant and the dad is 16years old!


maria - July 11

how can tight vajina after pregnancy? when have s_x and how after that?


Audrey - July 11

To Maria- There are exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles up after a pregnancy. It is recommended to not have s_x for at least a month or two after birth to allow the body time to heal.


mel - July 11

For me it did not bleed as bad,but it hurt like hell!!! It hurt and feels good at the same time. Make sure u pick the right guy, good luck!!!!!


s_x is bad the first time. - July 12

s_x hurts the firsttime the the feeling is great


darin - July 12

loose v____a


but... - July 12

wot does it feel like as the p___s rips through the hymen (''cherry'')


Dianna - July 12

When I lost my virginity, it hurt (A lot has to do with your boyfriends size). I am very tight and he is basically very large. I had ripped my hymen horse back riding. Most girls will not even know they do it. Usually you will from gymnastics, horseback riding... I did not bleed though. Be consistent though, don't stop for a week then expect it to feel better.



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