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Dianna - July 12

When I lost my virginity, it hurt (A lot has to do with your boyfriends size). I am very tight and he is basically very large. I had ripped my hymen horse back riding. Most girls will not even know they do it. Usually you will from gymnastics, horseback riding... I did not bleed though. Be consistent though, don't stop for a week then expect it to feel better.


Stacey Lynn - July 13

i'm 15 and i'v had s_x alot with differnt guys and i was kinda tight and it hurt alot at first but after like 3 times baby is it ever good... you know it


Jennie - July 13

Actually, Katie you're wrong about tampons breaking your hymen. I used tampons for about two years before I lost my virginity, and my hymen wasn't broken until I had s_x for the first time. Whether or not the tampon breaks the hymen depends on each individual girl. So basically, first times are different for everybody.


nena - July 13

hey if i were you i wouldnt get fingered just have s_x and when u do it it could hurt but a lil bit and sometimes gurls bleed and sometimes you dont like me i had s_x and it felt like a pinch when it went in and i didint bleed it felt good and i think the best possion is u on top cause like that its goin tobe your pace but gurl i wish u the best and why cant u have s_x now?W\B at DymePieceMamii5@yahoo.com


Jobeth - July 16

who cares how young you are if you are having s_x for the right reasons like that fact that your in love like me and my fiancie then thats ok but just doing it for fun is not right i mean my fiancie and i hadnt had s_x until we were engaged for like 2 months and 2 weeks we know we love eachother and it was just kinda of a spur of the moment thing we werent expecting it to happen yet but it did and it was beautiful it just brought us closer


kt - July 17

well just a few days ago i had s_x with my boyfriend for the first time..i heard it hurts like hell but it went in easy and felt very satisfying..pluss dont take everyones advice because we are all different!! but ive heard from all of my friends that has had s_x and they said it hurt like pins and needles going into you..but i had an orgasim. it depends on your body and how big your boy is!


rach - July 18

no dont put anything in your v____as are you mad! and your cheery pops is a saying it is a metaphor its not a real cheery that pops stupid! its called a hyman and yes it may hurt just a little wen your partner 1st penetrates you but then it goes and your hyman breaks but you dont know some girls have a little blood but moslty dont know. you hyman can break before you have s_x by using tampons and just being active dont worry if you lose your hyman it doesnt mean you are not a virgin any more ok


jayme - July 20

I agree with some of the girls on here... s_x isnt just for fun.. it is for love just as God intended.. I'm 15 and i just lost my virginity.. I started bleeding for a cpl days afterwards(and yes it did hurt for me) but it took me getting scared that i was pregnant to realize what i did was stupid and that it could've changed my life forever..s_x should be taken seriously and u should make sure your with a person that really loves u and will stay with you for life if you plan on having s_x.. Im glad i didnt get pregnant ..but not everyone will be as lucky as i was. You dont wanna be getting pregnant as a teenager.. live life


karen - July 20

well when i had s_x my cherry didnt pop and actually i only had alittle blood but that was about it. after that i never bled. every one is different


Hopeful... - July 22

If s_x hurts to much to long your girls might try a pillow under your back or a different position. some girls are tiped and it hurts everytime. It is because the p___s is hitting you in the wrong spot. Always use protection when not married.


me. - July 23

ive had s_x before. and personally i didn't think it hurt all that bad it was a little uncomforatble tho. and it hurt for about the first 5 secs for me. but other than that it was good. and you could bleed a little. but its nothing to worry about



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