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young_mum_2_b - June 20

hey everyone ok i'm 38 weeks and 4 days today, and i dont think i can handle being pregnant much longer!! i am going completely insane, i cant do anything myself, like put socks on and even putting pants on is hard because my stomach is so big!! my lil girls head is engaged and i'm ready to have this baby now, i've tried walking, baths, i dont wanna have s_x to start labor coz its too dam tiring and awkward and i dont wanna drink castor oil, thats an absoloute last option, is there anything anyone can suggest to help labor come along?? i dont think i can handle being so da useless much longer!! i enjoy being independant...any suggestions?


Mommy - June 21

Ohhhh, I remember that feeling. Not fun at all. How long/far have you walked? I walked about 2 to 3 miles at roughly 38 weeks pregnant and ended up in labor a day and a half later. Have you tried masterbating? An orgasm may get contractions started. Nipple stimulation I heard can help start labor, but f you try it to long it can make your b___bs really sore. Let's see...You could always try spicy food but you may just end up with heartburn. I hope this helped at least a little bit.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 21

I walked and walked and walked, and that night I went into labor. I just woke up having contractions a few hours after my walk, and wasnt even dialated or effaced just two days before.


lilmomma88 - June 21

I wish there was something I could tell you to do that would honestly work. I've tried everything exept castor oil becasue it says on the back of the bottle to check with a health professional if your pregnant. I asked my OB and he said "just let things happen naturally". He said if it's your first pregnancy though they won't let you get more than 10 days overdue. So 1 week or less from today I'll have my baby! I can't wait..I'm dyin just like you are girl! Hang in there..you haven't even gotten to your due date yet! I know about long pregnancies though..Let me tell you about this pregnancy. From the day I found out I was pregnant, I had the WORST morning sickness EVER. I threw up every 10 minutes, day and night. My boyfriend of 2 years left when he found out. (He came back in March, thank god) I could not eat for the first six months so I was in the hospital roughly 14 times. They finally put me on something called a PICC line which they gave me TPN (total parentaral nutrition) through to feed my baby, otherwise he wouldn't have made it since he was getting no food. A PICC line is like a permanent IV that you take home with you, it goes in through your arm and up to your main artery in your chest. Well I was on this for about 3 months, (november-february) every night you have to change the tubing and bag of nutrition. Let me tell you, it's a B*** to take a shower, I had to completely wrap up my arm and could not get it even the slightest bit wet, cuz it could have caused infection. You can't lift over a gallon of milk with that arm. Well anyways, in february I started having EXCRUCIATING pain in my upper abdomen, so of coarse I went to the hospital, thinking something was wrong with the baby. Well, I was wrong. The TPN had caused Pancreat_tis. So they immediatly took me off of it and started pain meds, because this pain is unbearable. I was in the hospital for 9 days this time. They didn't let me eat for the whole time. Your pancreatic enzymes are supposed to be under 100, mine were at 1750. They told my mom if I didn't get there when I did, I would have died. She of coarse didn't tell me this until days later. Then the pancreat_tis caused gall stones. Needless to say, I have gall bladder attacks often. (Still!) In march I started to get better, my boyfriend came back, and I could actually start to eat again. Just nothing fattening, spicy, greasy, or fried. (That would do a number on my pancreas and gall bladder) I still have morning sickness, so i'm on this medication called Kytril for cancer patients recieving chemo and radiation. It stops the nausea hormone. I was on tons of different nausea meds, and this is the only one that worked. I was on Tygan, Phenergan, Anzemet, Zofran,...you name it I was on it for nausea. Anyways I'm better now as long as I have my pill. SOOO if anyone knows about a long pregnancy, it's me. I would definetly have to say the throwing up for 6 months straight was the worst. I never felt like doing ANYTHING. Not even watching TV, I just layed there and felt miserable all day and all night. So hang in there...I did


kristi17 - June 22

i ate spicy foods.... saw it on frienda lol so i did it n that worked for me!!!! haha but ur pretty much doin the ones i know of, try the spicy stuff...it might work


midnight_drift - June 22

WOW, lilmomma88 I feel really bad for you! That is a long and nasty experience huh? Well d__n I hope everything goesp perfectly in labor for you. GOOD LUCK!


lilmomma88 - June 22

dont feel bad for me girl, yeah the whole experience sucked big time but it only made me stronger :-)



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