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ashley_1991 - September 9

sorry this is my little rant, Jons mom moved out of her apartment and in with some guy in april well a few weeks ago he kicked her out so she went to stay at her ex bf's (where 2 of her kids live) and they got into a fight and he asked her to leave as shes not even suppose to be there (shes only allowed there on weekends to see them) well she drove until her car had no gas she has no money and hasnt had a job since she moved outta her apartment in april. Well jon felt bad cuz she texted him the other day telling him it was getting cold and she was getting hungry, i completely understand him wanting to help her out after all she is his mom, its just she has soo many issues and i dont wanna get mixed up in her "life sucks ,. everyone's out to get me" drama again, I dont know why she just didnt go to a shelter or soemthing but jon asked me if she could come stay with us for a few days and well i said it was up to him he just called and she will be here in 4 hours ( he wired her money for gas to get here) i dont get along with her at all and im just so p___sed that she put us in the situation, i dont wanna be constantly stressed with her bs, and i wont put up with it, i really hope that she doesnt step outta line and try to tell me how to parent Dominik as she has done on MANY occasions,,,


ashley_1991 - September 9

so we sent her the gas money and she said she was on her way(she was trapped in this town and no one would help her) she said she was goingto make one stop to her storae unti and shed be here that was 2 hours ago (it is a 5 hour drive from where she was stuck to where we are) jon just texted her to find out how long she would be ad she replied with im at george's (an ex ex ex bf of her's that kicked out a while back) like wtf we didnt send her money to go to an ex's who is just going to throw her out in a week and then we have to dish out more money for her to get here,, nope dont think so, i refuse to help her again


amanda17 - September 9

Aw that sucks... I kinda feel bad for his mom but at the same time I understand what you mean. Why doesn't she have a job? You'd think she'd at least have some money for a hotel or something? Could you afford to help her get a hotel or something if her ex ex ex boyfriend kicks her out again?


ashley_1991 - September 9

we just sent her 200 dollars >_< She had a job and an apartment and then this guy siad move in ill take care of you so she dropepd her job moved outta her place and the guys place was outta town in the middle of no where and she didnt know hom for that long he turned out to be a creep i feel really bad but she did this to herself and everytime we help her we get screwed over we gave her gas and food money so she could make it here she prolly spent 60 in gas (as this guy doesnt live far from where she was stuck ) and then a little for food, shes going ot end up spending the other 100 and wanting more :(


AddysMummy - September 10

UGH my mother is the same way! No joke! I HATE parents like that!!!!!


ashley_1991 - September 10

it's ridiculous apt she is coming up today :9 im just soo not ready to deal with her bs, if i want drama i'll just come here and read angelmonkey's dumb posts, atleast i know i cant hit her, but his mom will be in my living room lol and most the time in arms reach ... ughh


ashley_1991 - September 11

she didnt show yesterday by the time her dumb a__s was ready to leave it was like 9 and im like jon she cant come this late so shes going to be here around dinner time today :(


AddysMummy - September 11

Good luck honey, my mother is mooching off us too.. but just remember... she's still his parent -_-; That's what I try to tell myself lol. "She's still my mom.. no matter what... still my mom.."



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