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young_mum_2_b - May 21

hey everyone firstly i know this is a little of the pregnancy topic but it is still concerning my pregnancy in a way....k i've been doing year 11 ...or sorry eleventh home and i'm doing really well in everything except maths...coz i suck at it but maths is a pre-requisite for university...well for what i wanna do there anything someone can suggest to help me pass?? i also wanted ur opinions on baby is due in 5 weeks and 4 days and i plan to keep doing my home schooling and i wanna go back 2 high school next year to do year 12 (12th grade) my baby will be seven months old and my family has already said that they'd look after her during the day for me if i want to go back...but is there anyone who thinks this is a bad idea? i know it'll be hard work but i really want to do this because i dont want to end up like some of the teen mums i know that dont do anything except have more children. any opinions please??


Olivene - May 21

I think staying in school and finishing is your best plan. I'm terrible at Math,too. Can you get a math tutor? Will a tutor visit you while you are being schooled at home? Stick with it- you are right to think it is the way to go for you and your baby. Good luck to you!


Lauz - May 21

Yea stay in baby is due on september 18th so im continuing in school until the summer hoildays start (1st july) and not going back until after chrismas will work out well but its the best thing we can do, our babys need us to have a good job so we can support them and stuff lol xxx


angie m - May 21

I think you should stay in school. I got pregnant at 16 after droping out of school and never went back. I really regret it know but I am 22 and can't go back. I want to get my GED but if I ever do get a job I have been told they don't think of a GED being as good as your highschool deploma. So good luck with whatever you choose to do and good luck to you and your baby.



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