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lacesterlovesyou - January 21

dates: Dec. 13th was the first day of my last period, had s_x on the late night 26th/early morning 27th, had some LIGHT blood 30th & 31st, had some dry brown spots in underwear on jan. 3rd, Have not yet had period, have taken tests which have been negative but took one today and there was a FAINT LINE. Am i pregnant???


babyonboard16 - January 21

well its possible your body just now has enough hcg to show that youre pregnant on a test, when i took my first test there wasa faint line and i took about 4 other tests haha and they got darker each day, sounds like you may be.


lacesterlovesyou - January 21

I have also had major b___b aches like i never gotten before, ive actually put on like 4 pounds!?!?!?!? which i dont think you gain weight this early, ive been exhausted, achne like crazy, SOMETIMES lower back pains, i've had white spots on my aerolas (or whatnot by the nipples) and i went from not eating much last week to eating ALOT this week, VERY WIERD. Breasts still sore, mostly on sides. my sister-in-law says we'll test again in a week or two...? Am i pregnant!?!?! why is the line soooo faint!?


Grandpa Viv - January 21

A good time line and the beginning of believable signs, especially the faint positive. hCG hormone doubles every few days. Test again mid week first morning pee and the line should be faster and stronger. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - January 21

You still are not keeping all your posts on one thread. After reading the other one, I would say there is not much room for doubt. Go buy some prenatal vitamins, needed to minimize the chance of neural tube defects. Good luck!


AmericanReject - January 21

sounds like it to me...wait three more days and take a test...or buy a digital test where you dont ahve to look at the lines...may be more clear...good luck


lovestruckjsw - January 21

Like the others have said, wait a few days. I tested and got a negative the first time. When I didn't get my period 3 days later I tested again and this time it was a VERY clear and dark positive.


CAROL - January 22

Test again in a couple of days. If you are pregnant, the line will be darker by then.


momma0710 - January 22

I took 5 test because i was in shock when i saw the faintest line...we planned to get preg, but ih ad been on the pill 10yrs and figured it would take at least 6months...it took 4days!!! Anyway here's my experiance with preg test, if you see two lines no matter how faint...your preg! But what i ended up doing was taking a test when my period was truely late ( ihad taken the one you can take 5days before your late) and i got one that had the words pregnant/not pregnant...then theres no confusion...or go to your doctor those test can be pricey! Good luck



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