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angelmonkey - May 11

ok well im cd26 and 15dpo, i tested today with a really cheap test and there is kind of a faint line well a bit like a dot where the positive line is suposed to be so im not sure i dont know if im imagining it or not lol.well my partner says he can see it.any of you guys think its a positive if i have a dot on the positive line?


amanda17 - May 11

That's why I always buy digital tests. Especially if you're testing early the line will be really really faint. If you want to wait a while then take the test again to see if the line is darker, or you can go out and buy a test that will be more clear. i.e. an electronic one.


PreciousBaby19 - May 11

i don tink a dot qualifies....i would get a digital.


AddysMummy - May 11

I don't know, I had a dot on a test before and it was a negative. Dots or half lines don't really count. It might be an evap line. I am not really sure, you should go get another test maybe a better one or a digital to make sure.


angelmonkey - May 11

yeh i have a clear blue one just didnt want to use it until i miss af lol so i just bought cheap ones well i only have 2days left till af is due so i,ll know then lol..i just dont want to get my hopes then if it doesnt mean anything


angelmonkey - May 11

did you addy....hmm i,ll try not to read in to it then i,ll just wait till af shows her ugly face....if she does got my fingers crossed


AddysMummy - May 11

But I have known people who had a light dot or slight line and they did happen to be pregnant. I think it is different with everyone and you should just wait until AF


angelmonkey - May 11

yeh will do its only 2days away if she hasnt come by wednesday i will test with the clear blue one.........also i chart my bbt and usually a couple days b4 af is due mt temp drops a bit but yesterday it started soaring up again so not sure whats going on there.........and i,ve had funny cramps since O,meh i,ll see in a couple of days


Teddyfinch - May 12

oh...my gawd. go get another test! and i swear if it takes you this short to get pregnant, lol, i will give you the dirtiest looks of your life! haha i'm kiddin. seriously test again in a couple of days that way it will be a darker positive.


angelmonkey - May 12

lol i seems liek forever to to me!! its been 8months lol!! well i just couldnt help myself i tested again to this morning with a clear blue one and it was comletly a bfn!! it says you can take it up to 4days before af is due and af is due 2morro im on cd27 and 16dpo! and usually i get a drop in temp a couple of days b4 af but its stayed high so im hoping that means something!! so......................i guess i,ll just see if af shows up...................how long were you trying for teddy?


ChattyKathy - May 12

Are you sure you're charting accurately? 16dpo is a LONG luteal phase.


PreciousBaby19 - May 12

i dunno kathy...average is 14-16 days...


angelmonkey - May 12

yep im charting right i ovulated on cd 11 and usually have a 26-28 day cycle, i thought it was normal to ovulate beween cd10 and 16?


Teddyfinch - May 13

ovulation (from what i've read in a really good bood) can be anywhere (during a normal cycle) from 8 to 16 days.


Teddyfinch - May 13

oh, and angel, lol i was trying for a total of 7 years. the first four weren't important, but yeah lol. i'm going to start saying 3 years from now on cuz i only care about my hubby now. but yeah 8 months is featherweight lol.


AddysMummy - May 13

When I was on the phone with my friend, Kelly, I mentioned how for some odd reason parts of my body seemed warmer than others. I took my temp and it was higher than usual. She said, "I think you should take a pregnancy test." I had been wanting to but I didn't know for fact if I should I usually gave my period a 2 day wait, 2 days early 2 days late. Well I went with my instinct, tested, and I got a positive. You should maybe wait, see if AF comes if not test again in a few days with cheapos!


angelmonkey - May 13

well.....................af came right on time!! first thing thismorning!! i even cried for 5miniutes!! i havnt cried about getting af before i,ve always thought well theres next month but know the tears came flooding out to day lol!! i think its because my brother rang me last night and told me he got his gf pregnant and there both 16 and keeping it.... im going to try extra hard next months like we,ve decided to have s_x everyother day so there,s a constant supply but if that doesnt work i give up! if it happens it happens because i,ve figured out know matter how much you try and have s_x at the right time time its still not going to happen, i dont understand if there is an egg and a sperm why doesnt it happen lol!! i know its not as simple as that lol!! wow teddy 7years is a long time i bet it felt great when youi got a bfp! lol!



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