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Meliza - March 30

I'm 15. I have had s_x with seventeen guys in the last month. I'm now pregnent. What should I do?


Julia - March 30

WELLLL You are probably going to have to have them all DNA tested if you want to prove who daddy is to collect support. If you are planning on keeping baby. If you are planning on adopting baby out then you will need to maybe run a ad in the paper asking for anyone who has been with you from x date to x date. If no one comes forward then you can proceed with adoption without fathers signature. Good luck and God bless. Email me anytime [email protected] or AIM iluvdiamonds74


Audrey - March 30

Meliza- One way to help find out is to carefully track which guy you had s_x with on which day. Find out when you ovulated, count 14 days from the 1st day of your last period. Whoever you had s_x with on that day or maybe the day before, has a higher chance of being the father. However Julia is right, if you have the baby you'll have to track them all down for DNA testing.


q - March 31

it's obvious you don't care about your self or your health.And I doubt that you will care about the health of your unborn child.Since you seem to not care about anything but spreading your legs and diseases, why not contact the Maury show or Jerry Springer and have them pay for all of your paternity tests because you really sound like the perfect candidate tramp.


april - March 31

Meliza--were these guys you are close with ? do you know names? Its a lot fo $ to get DNA test done. But it would be worth it. If anyone comes on here callin you a s___t just DO NOT say anything back. But on the real 17 guys? Maybe you should slow your roll... but what you do is your choice. Would you be okay with being a single mother?


redeem - April 1

AAAAAAAAAAACHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Excuse me, I suddenly got a fakeness allergy.


Plz get tested - April 1

Meliza, honey, before you start wprrying who the father is, you REALLY, REALLY REALLY, need to get tested for STD's. Please, I know this may sound selfish...but right now, getting tested for STD's is WAY more important than figuring out who the father is. So please, get tested ASAP!


becca - April 1

well so your syaing you had unprotected s_x with all of them :S that was a bit dumb dont mean to be rude but you probably have an std and if your pregnant you need to find out wether you have because it could harm your baby!!! use protection now!!!


Meliza - April 1

I do care about the baby.


MOMMA2 - April 1




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