Father Won T Tell His Parents

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Theresa - August 25

I am the mother of a teenage girl who had an abortion without telling me until after it had happened. I had to get her in therapy and her dr. has her on high doses of an antidepressant. She is a wreck. I think the boy involved should tell his parents about all this, so they know what has been going on, but he doesn't want to tell them. He is afraid. Should I tell them? I feel so dishonest in not telling them the kind of activities their son and my daughter have been involved in. I feel this is a major event in both their lives, and his parents have a right to know.


Helen - August 11

Hi Theresa. Morally and logically, I think you are right. It would be wise (and a very good idea) for you to meet up with this boys parents and explain to them that your daughter had an abortion due to being pregnant by their son. Some people will say that it has nothing to do with you and you shouldn't get involved BUT if anyone can help this boy to prevent further situations such as this in the future, it's his parents. It's too late for him to be afraid to tell them, if he thinks he is "mature" enough to have s_x then he is mature enough to face up to what has happened. Let us know what happens.


Shorty - August 11

I would tell the boys parents as he played a part in what happened and he needs to be responsible. As a parent I feel that they would want to know, just like you, and especially if your daughter is going thru a hard time at the moment,it is not fair if he can hide his actions but your daughter can't just because she fell pregnant and had an abortion. I wish you all the best.


yeah - August 12

You are not being 'dishonest' by not telling his parents. However, I think if the boy was manly enough to have s_x he can tell his parents too. You should talk to him and tell him he should tell his parents and if he doesn't you will just have to.


Diamond H - August 12

i think u should defenitly tell his parents i have a freind who during the end of the school year terminated a preg an then told her mom shes kind of in the same situtation ...shes not with him no more but she is very hurt for what she did its something she wanted but he pressured her into doing it i think that if she was women enough to tell her mom he should tell his parents especially if she is going through all this GOOD LUCK with ur daughter i wish her the best and plz tell his parents keep updated


Nicole - August 12

I think his parents have a right to know...however, it's not your place to tell them...maybe you should try to sit him down and have a talk with him...but don't make it sound like a lecture...talk to him rationally and as a friend...hope i helped.


Theresa - August 25

Thank you all for your very wise and thoughtful advice. I did sit down with the boy and tried to tell him that he must tell his parents. He agreed that they should know but said that he would tell them "when the time is right." I told him that if he didn't tell them, I would. But I didn't give him a time limit and it has already been 2 months. I don't want to alienate my daughter by going over his head with this, but I don't know what else to say to him to make him do it. Anyway, I will keep talking to him. Thank you again for all your help.



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