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midnight_drift - May 15

I have fears of labor. Lately I've been thinking about when I'm going to give birth, (In december.) And it's been scaring me. I am going to get an epidural, but I am really bad with pain. I mean I've had cramps, but my mom said contractions are far worse than my cramps, and my cramps have made my cry, throw up, and I've been wheelchaired out of school. So pain much worse than that? I am really scared by what she said... she tried to get the epidural off my mind by telling me that the contractions hurt like HELL, and you have them often! God I really don't know what to do. Alright, and say I am 2 and a half months, I have a LITTLE poochyness, but it is reeaalllyyyy little. Will I get a lot bigger by the end of july?


Emma2 - May 15

Yeah you will get bigger by July....and its normal to fear labor especailly when you never experienced it! I myself am pregnant and giving birth to my 1st and somewhat scared!


midnight_drift - May 16

Thanks emma! Sorry I'm asking so much, it is just that I will not even think of it, then say, a day later I will have a ton of questions in my head, answer some, and I feel soooo bad with all the posts! Well, then I guess my grandpa will find out I'm pregnant ! lol.


Evonna - May 16

December is a long way girl and your already worried? Mines is August the 6th and i'm also worried about labor & delivery. It's like the closer my due date the more i am concerned. Don't worry, i have faith in you to make it through delivery. I have high pain tolerance also which sucks because if little things bother me, i don't even want to imagine what the real thing is. Yeah, you'll get bigger by July, not too big. = ]


corinne - May 16

As soon as labor starts its painful but yet its like your motherly instinct kicks in and you think about the pain. No matter what tolerance you have for pain it still really hurts. Thats why they created an epidural which is wonderful. No pain after that. When you begin to push its as if all those fears leave your mind and that pain means nothing to you. As soon as they put that baby on your belly you know everything was worth it and that pain just seems to vanish.


corinne - May 16

About the pain also because I had an epidural i didn't feel the pain of pushing but I've had friends tell me the story of the pain and pushing part.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 16

Don't worry about showing, I am 38 weeks and I just look bloated. The doctor says the baby is actually rather large. It just depends on your body type as to how much you will show. I am due in 14 days and I am terrified. It is my first and I do not know what to expect. I am worried about the pain, the embarra__sment, as well as what happens afterwards.


frankschick2001 - May 17

Midnight: While choosing an epidural is a good choice for you, you should also prepare yourself for the fact that you may not be able to get one. My friend;s baby came down so fast that there was no time, and she had to labor the old fashioned way. But she was prepared for this as she had participated in cla__ses teaching the Bradley method. There is no escaping it, the baby will come out one way or another. Maybe your mom is trying to scare you too. With my friend's first baby (I was there with her and her husband in the room), she had an epidural and still screamed when they took the baby out. So nothing is 100% comfortable. KAYLA: You say you are worried about the embara__sment, what are you embara__sed of?


midnight_drift - May 17

Thanks, yeah, I know I wont be giving birth for awhile, it's just so, I don't know. I worry about little things, which I know isn't good for me. Well, as for my body type, I might show MORE because of how thin I am. I am 5'8 and weighed like 110? less? I used to be so thin you could see my ribs... but now that isn't the case, obviously. Sorry I'm just stressing, and stressing about the pictures I should get.



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