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PreciousBaby19 - November 22

I'm just feeling down today. =( Its thanksgiving and his parents dont celebrate it here. I want to go out and spend dinner together with him and I alone...but i just. I'm feeling very down. I'm not preggers yet and i know we can start but its like..all my family is in america and with me being sooo op___sed off about his parents and all the c__p they are pulling these days. I'm just...sigh. down.


Franny - November 22

I dont follow this forum too much....where are you? I live in Switzerland and just bought a huge turkey! I was so excited they even had one (actually the butcher got it from the back) I just bought it. Now I realize it feeds about 7-9 people! Just my dd and our two baby girls for dinner tonight! Well, I always loved left overs : ) I miss big dinners at home with extended family too...


PreciousBaby19 - November 22

I'm in the U>K but i used to live in the usa with my family. I miss them very much and right now i'm just feeling very down. with still not having our first addition and being homesick..i just..seem to be very lonley right now. Hubby is away at university and he wont be home for another hour i guess. Not only that but i'm not exactly getting along with the inlaws right now. They dont celebrate thanksgiving. I wanna go out with hubby tonight and maybe go to the movies...i hope he will wanna go out. I just want to do something. I'm feeling very sad. I've been crying all morning . Sigh its very hard.


tish212 - November 22

aw pb I'm sorry things are so bad today..I hope ur hubby is home now and ur feeling better....I know it must suck not celebrating today... but def do what u want go out with him tonite..dinner and a movie...just u and him time away from his parents u need the break...I hope ur feeling better now! hugs


AddysMummy - November 22

I'm sorries I LUFF YEW hun! My family on TG always argues.. it's only 12:15 and they already have =/.


Kairi_x - November 23

oh sweetie!! cheer up hun it will be ok. stay positive. maybe you could give your family a phonecall? might cheer you up a little bit. explain to your hubby how you feel and how you need to go out somewhere with him to cheer you up. he'll understand. xxx


EMMA2 - November 23

Why are you in the UK , if you don't mind me asking?


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

To live with my husband. I moved here. He goes to UNi here and I am on my way to getting duel citizenship.



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