First Child Don T Know What To Expect

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alexlouiselove - November 15

I'm 5 months pregnant with a little girl (Autumn Jayne) and I don't really know what to expect from any of this. I'm 19 and my parents are really helping me out by being their and letting me live with them. They hate my ex fiance who is the father of my child, but recently we have been doing really well, and I don't know wether going to be with him or staying home is a good idea. Because sometimes he can be crazy, and I feel at times he is unfit to be left with a child. Other times I feel I am being over emotional. I just don't know what to do.


GimmeaBub - November 15

Always listen to your mothers intuition hunny, if you got a feeling that if you allow the father to stick around something may go wrong then i dont think allowing it is a good idea babe. But do include the father in his daughters life aswell, takes 2 to Tango, But you should never have doubts when it comes to the welfare of your child, Best of luck Chickee.


kendra.marie - November 16

oh hun. im sorry this must suck. you know best thing to do it wait until babies here & make your choice then. but if you two don't get back together or what not. have him in her life. you wouldn't want to grow up with only a mom. i mean don't force him in her life if he doesn't want that but usually your intuition is always right you will learn that as your daughter grows up when you have feelings about things your usually right =] good luck hun


Krissy25 - November 16

I don't know this guy but you do and if your feeling is that he shouldn't be left alone with the child then don't let him. How many times have we seen in the news babies who have been shaken or something by boyfriends who were left to watch the child by themselves?


Noodle - November 16

stay with your parents for now, if they are being supportive its really helpful. see how he is with you and the baby for a few months after she comes along. sometimes baby's can really change men, so you never know, he may be the best father in the world!"


little momma - November 16

it will be hard caring for a baby but it gets better


xKarax - November 19

i would say the best thing would be to stay at home, but still allow him to be involved. Your family may hate him but at the end of the day he's still got a right to be involved in daughters life (gorgeous name btw) If you feel he is unfit to be left with the child though getting back with him and moving in with him wouldnt be a good idea. I suppose it depends what he's done to make you think like that


meredith880 - November 23

I would wait until your baby is born and see how he does around her. The worst thing you could do is move back in with him and find out he isnt responsable and stuff. I raised my son (had him at 15) by myself and loved it



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