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rockymountaingirl12 - January 15

He said we are not related by blood so it was ok tohave s_x.


ash2 - January 16

ummm, if your not related by blood, then your risk will not be there for a downsyndrome baby, but if they are family, then that is just sick.


Brittney26 - January 16

yes i agree with ash2 , what are your parents going to think have you thought about that? Even though you are not related by blood that doesn't make it right to be having s_x with your step brother. Also by the way your last post sounds, it makes out to be that your probabley 13 and if thats the case you are way too young to be having s_x let alone be having a baby. You need to get some education about s_x and what the riskes are. Also you need to get on birth control or at least use condoms. And for the most part I'm not trying to be rude but it is WRONG AND SICK you are sleeping with your step brother. I hope you get the help that you need.


Brittney26 - January 16



rl- - January 16

ash2 are you feeling ok that does not seem like something you would rockymountaingirl why would you think it would be ok to have s_x so young? And if you did neither of you thought about birthcontrol? I kinda find this story hard to swallow most 13 yr old girls are not reg with their af anyways so most likely your not but this story just seems off to me sorry if your being honest but it is hard to judge on this teen site sometimes if you are go to your parents and let them know it is their fault for putting you guys in the same bed anyways....good luck


Brittney26 - January 16

I feel that my last post was a little rude, sorry and i do think that part of this is your parents fault, you really need to talk to your mom or if you don't want to do that you and a close friend (that will hopefully not tell people about it) go to the grocery store and get a test and use first morning urine. I really hope everything works out for you okay. let us know.


ash2 - January 16

RL...because it sounds by her post that the guy is family, but not blood related...maybe by marriage, and yes, that is still wrong. My guess she is talking about a stepbrother or something along those lines.


apr - January 17

she wrote in her other post that they guy she was sleeping with is her step brother. she hasnt even posted back. seems like this is another teen joke.


apr - January 17

oh, keep them coming. it keeps life interesting


SaraH - January 17

Umm...if you are related by marriage then it is tech. not "incest," however, you should never be pressured into s_x and what he said sounds like a line to get you to sleep with him. Also you sound young, maybe too young to be having s_x? As far as risks go, blood relation increases your risk of genetic defects (However, downs syndrome, as mentioned above, is one of those cases. Hemophilia, some genetic mental illnesses, etc are things that are increased however by "incest").


AbbiesMummyEm - January 17

oh you girls dont really believe this do you?


rl- - January 17

yeah I am thinking this is a fake post any adult you would think would not put step sibblings in the same bed together unless they are maybe the same s_x and even then I would not think that is such a great idea...and to ash2 sorry that just did not seem like always have great advice and that just seemed like a strange post from you ( :



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