First Pregnancy Any Tips

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RYC09 - February 1

Hey y'all! I am 17 years old and right now i am currently in weeks 5-6 in my first pregnancy. I had blood work done on January 29th and recieved a phone call saying everything was well except for my slightly low progesterone level (she didn't tell me what exact level i was at). So, now I am on 200 mg 1x a day Prometrium and the side effects are killing me. Along with the normal symptoms of pregnancy, the pills make it 10x worse. I was just wondering if any of you out there had any advice on things i can do to help the side effects. Wishing all of you the best of luck with trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, and having kids! Oh yeah, and is anyone due in September?


tennesseewlkr07 - February 1

Hey im 16 and about 7-8 weeks pregnant, the only pills i have had to take are my vitamins so i dont really know what you are going through sorry. But my due date is September 17 , 1 day before my 17th birthday!


hailey07 - February 1

Hello there. I was due on Spet 16, but unfortunately I miscarried the baby, my doctor didn't put me on Prometrium, however I looked into it as a possible solution...but the baby was simply not well enough to develop. Anywhoo, if you are having trouble with an upset tummy I would recommend Preggie Pops, they are little suckers that aid in morning sickness. If you can;t get ahold of them , sometimes just sucking on hard candy or chewing on gum can help that. Also, if you start to feel nauseated, try and stay cool, not freezing by any means, but just cool. If you live in a winter season area, go for a walk or sit outside for a few moments- cold really helped me through nausea when I was having my typical pregnancy issues. I know how frustrating it is to be so sick, but it will get better. Did your doctor tell you at what point you will be able to stop taking the Prometrium? Good luck!


ChattyKathy - February 1

If you want to make a fun little pregnancy album, I suggest you start coming up with ideas you want to put in it so you can doc_ment your pregnancy the way you want to. Other than that, just relax and try to enjoy it =) So many mommies stress themselves out over everything that could go wrong, I know I'm a victim! So, just take care of yourself. The worst of it will be over soon enough. I actually got used to being sick all of the time until it finally lightened up.


RYC09 - February 1

thanks guys, that helps a lot! thank goodness for this forum! you guys are all really nice! and my baby is due around september 24-28 1 month before my 18th birthday! what a gift eh? tennessee--GOOD LUCK; Hailey-- i'm sorry i hope things go better for you!


babyonboard16 - February 1

I had a low progesterone but mine was VERY low I had some complications but I know the reactions of synthetic progesterone THEY'RE HELL! I had to get shots of it and do suppositories I wish you the best of luck.


RYC09 - February 3

babyonboard16--yeah the reactions and side-effects of prometrium sucks a__s...i wonder how the pill really works??



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