First Prenatal Exam

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Me - April 4

Okay... If I call my clinic and ask for a prenatal appt... do my parents need to know? I'm 17, but I mean I'm under their insurance so there would be the 15$ copay and I know they would eventually find out which I'm planning on telling them soon but I really need to have a prenatal exam... Are there any places to pay a higher price for an exam and it be totally cofidential???? HELP


Audrey - April 5

I don't know how it works in the U.S. but in Canada you can go to a clinic and pay a fee for an examination. They won't tell your parents. Best wishes!


Shelby - April 13

There is some places that are confidential... but some that aren't! wish you the best of luck.


Jen - April 13

Just call and ask


katie - April 13

most places are confidential but jen is rite just call and ask gd luck xxx katie


me - April 14

I did, I called while I was at work yesterday and made an appointment. A lil bit of a stress releaser. I think it'll be easier to tell my parents when I know everything is okay u know? It's on Mon and I'm kinda nervous but I think my bf will go with me. What happens at ur first exam and HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE???? Thnx - Me


Audrey - April 14

Most prenatal exams take about 15 minutes, or perhaps half an hour if the doctor decides to do an ultrasound. Your weight and blood pressure are checked, you're asked questions about your symptoms and perhaps diet, then a physical exam is given.


katie - April 14

takes about 20-30 minutes usually and sometimes they do an ultrasound =) but basicly jst wat audrey said take care and i hope everything is ok xxx katie


Me - April 14

Even the first one? I called and said a prenatal exam and she said okay... then she asked if it was my first one and i said yes and she like oh well thatll take longer and i'm like sure..... i mean do they do blood work? i've never even had a physical exam...


katie - April 14

em i dnt no wat u mean by blood work but if u mean do they take blood then no well aleast they didnt for me.they jsut do blood pressure and cheaked ur weight..c how far along u are and make sure everything is ok wit ur baby usually by doing a ultrasound but they dont always do one and then they do the physical exam which doesnt take to long hope it all goes well xxx katie


Jen - April 14

I think they do blood work at the second appt


Jen - April 14

and they would tell you because you can't eat before blood work


Me - April 14

Thanks for all the responses but i got another quick ? how does the physical exam portion of it go? i've never had one


b - April 15



b - April 16



??????? - April 16

what does bump mean?


BUMP - April 16

Bump means... whoever says BUMP wants it to be at the top of the discussion board and not to be forgotten... then people will actually look at it.



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