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coolgirl135277 - January 29

BACKGROUND:You probably already guessed that im going through a pregnancy scare. My boyfriend and I rented a cabin on the 9th and 10th of january. We had s_x both days. We've never used protection just pull and pray [yes its dumb, i know that now, dont feel the need to comment on it ] Its the 27th and i havent had a period this month. I dont keep my periods recorded [i know,stupid] but their usually pretty regular and last about a week.i took first response a week or two ago and then again yesterday. Both came out negative. We HAVE had s_x before our trip to the cabins though. If my period doesnt come by saturday then ill have went all of january without having one. BODY: I've been EXTREMELY emotional lately. Crying alot and being depressed. But also randomly being very joyful and "happy-go-lucky" I also have pains in my stomach,cramps and inside my stomach it feels almost like bubbles popping.It doesnt hurt or anything but sometimes when its not very loud its audible. Nausea has also been a problem.I have felt so sick to my stomach i dont want to eat.Food repulses me at times.Normally i have a big appet_te. Plus Ive been gasy [sorry to be so detailed] and had diarrhea yesterday and today.It was bad all morning and afternoon but it randomly stopped and i was suddenly constipated this evening. Ive also had backpain that seems to just radiate in my lower back. SO:Ive read that the most common symptom is sore br___ts but strangely enough mine arent sore.Im hoping that my period is coming soon but since there are only four days left in the month my chances of starting seem unlikely. I dont know if how im feeling could be due to pms or pregnancy.Overall, im just really confused. Any feed back/opinions/ etc. would be nice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When i took the first response tests they both came out with one pink line;negative. But when i took the tests apart i could see the other faint pink line.Is it supposed to be like that?Or am i possible pregnant. Im so confused.


amanda17 - January 29

It sounds like you took the first tests too early, a faint line means it's just starting to decent the pregnancy hormone in your urine. You can either wait a few days and take another test, or go to a doctor and ask for a blood test.


amanda17 - January 29

On a side note... Conception around the 9th would place you about 5 weeks pregnant. You SHOULD be getting dark positives by now. Have you been having any s_x since that day? It could either be that you are pregnant but your hormone levels are low, or that you aren't pregnant and you got a false positive, or maybe even imagined the line was there when it wasn't (happens more than you'd think)


V9653 - January 30

You really should never take a test apart and try to see things, because you will. There is like an indent and slight shadow line where the positive line would be and you can't see it until you take the test apart. If it really has no color then that is what you are seeing. Amanda is right to ask if you've had s_x since then because that could be the time of conception, making your test taking a bit premature. Try waiting it out, see how you feel (because you may have just picked up a little bug and your period could be late) then try testing again-only reading the results through the screen.


Kyla16 - February 10

Well some peoples prgnancy hormone levels arent high enough to get a dark possitive line. But any trace of a second line means your pregnant, just dont have ALOT of pregnancy hormones. That happened with me. And so I decided to take a digital test to be sure but that said negative. But a few months later I am 21weeks pregnant lol. So some women just dont have enough pregnancy hormone for a pregnancy test to detect. So the best thing to do is go to a free clinic and have them test you(their test are much more sensitive). Good luck girl. ~16 year old and mama-2-be~


Teddyfinch - February 10

it sounds to me like she took the digital pregnancy test. they say to never take it apart because 99% of the time, there are two lines there.



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