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megan - August 15

i had s_x for the first time last night (friday august 13th) and he didnt use protection. im only 14, and its way to early to tell if im pregnant, he told me he had s_x before and none of the other girls had gotten pregnant, and he told me to go home and wash up good, so i did, does that mean i wont get pregnant. please any1 e-mail to tell me anything.


babiix - August 15

it is too soon to tell , but trust me go to a clinic and get a morning after pill , and next time use protection .


goodluck - August 15

Well if you're ready to have s_x you need to understand and take caution of the risks of having s_x. Sorry to tell you this, but you have a very very high chance of being pregnant and washing up doesn't prevent you from getting pregnant. Just because the other girls didn't get pregnant doesn't mean you wont. Sweetheart please be very careful. You are very young, but if you feel you are ready just please use protection if you're not ready to rasie up a child. The mroning after pill will lower your chances of being pregant so I'd advise you to go get that. I wish you lots of luck.


Katie - August 15

i have no sympathy what so ever for you. you should no at your age that you can get preggers if you don't use protection let alone an std


brucen - August 15

Megan- Most of what goodluck said is bang on. It's true that just becasue the other girls didn't become pregnant doesnt mean you won't. You have up to 72 hours to take the morning after pill/ emergency contraception. You can take a couple days after, but its effectiveness decreases. You should contact planned parenthood, or speak to an adult you trust about getting to your health care provider immediately. The morning after pill would be most effective for you if taken tommorow. The morning after pill does not end pregnancy, instead it prevents you from becoming pregnant. This form of birth control should not be viewed as a contraceptive to be used instead of condoms and birth control pills. ALWAYS USE CONDOMS no matter what HE says, it's your life, your body--take care of it. Katie--Just becasue you claim to have had s_x ed doesn't mean everyone else has. Since you have had one, it would be better to share your knowledge than to critise some one else for their ignorance. I would hate to think that and idea like that only comes with maturity, but your certainly one who promotes that idea.


Katie - August 15

i probably should appologise i've been pretty mean on these posts for a while ....


Shorty - August 15

Darls it seems like you did not think this thru and allowed him to talk you into it, and just coz he said no other chicks have gotten preg... thats a load of c___p that you probably wont. You still have a chance of getting pregs, coz you didn't use protection... and at 14, why are you even wanting to have s_x with a guy in the 1st place???



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