First Year Out Of High School And I M Pregnant

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TP - March 5

I'm so scared, i've only been with my boyfriend for two months, and I found out I'm Pregnant. He's star of the basketball team, and I college rodeo all year long. I haven't told my parents yet cuz i'm afraid they'll flip. Any advice???


maya - March 5

tell ur parents and go to the doctors


becca - March 5

yea you need to tell your boyfriend and your parents when i told my parent i was brickin it but they reacted completly differnt to how i fort they would they were really understanding


Grandpa Viv - March 5

You are mounted on a magical steed. Have flowers on the table when your mom gets up Sunday morning, with a card saying "Congratulations! You're going to have a grandbaby!" Start taking pre-natal vitamins especially folic acid (folate) which is very important in early pregnancy. Work to get the boyfriend attached to the baby as it grows, so he feels it is as much a part of him as it is of you (doctor visits, ma__sage, heartbeat, feel kicks, LaMaze cla__ses, delivery room). Your baby needs two parents. The very best of luck to you!


Mommy2Kylie - March 6

I got pregnant right out of school also, you can talk to me if you want. My daughters 4 months old today, and Im still with her father.


brandijo - March 7

i had my son when i was 18.sometimes is hardbut its fun watching them can do it.get some straight foward about will be fine.


Liz - March 22

Sit down with your boyfriend and decide the best way to do it. Together, apart, letter, card, email, talking. When this question is asked it is translated into "i want an easy method where they won't be disappointed, angry, or unsupportive." Truth be told, there is no easy way. They will be disappointed, yes, they may be angry...God forbid they be unsupportive. But when they hold their grandchild they will melt like and ice cube on a stove burner and all anger will be lost. They will love that baby no matter what. Good luck!! [email protected]


?? - March 23

Close your legs you s___ts



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