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Laurz - September 27

I didnt want to waste room on my thread by getting into a debate with you, I would just like to address you personally then that will be the end of it. Just who do you think you are? I considered your post rude and you obviously have never been through the same thing. "Why cant you just be happy that god has decided to give you a second chance at motherhood" I AM bloody happy, I'm delighted, I'm ecstatic I am pregnant! "no need to be irrational, you jus get on with it" Irrational?? My child DIED! I am bound to be a little apprehensive and worried dont you think?? Whereas I know the odds of this happening again are very slim, I have seen it happen so KNOW it could. Thats what I am worried about. "feel blessed you are allowed to have another" Allowed? Thats like implying the death of my daughter was my fault in some way, and perhaps I wouldnt deserve another child. I blamed myself for months after and sometimes still do, but I know nothing could have stopped it. I DO consider this baby a blessing. I thought I'd made it quite clear in my posts that I am very happy I am pregnant, just worried seeing as my 1st daughter died! If you cant get that round your brain then I dont know what to say! Dont post to me again. Thank you.;


sa__sychick - September 27

Laurz, Zeelful is a trouble maker, see her other post under the topic single and pregnant. She is rude and very insensitive. I totally empathize with all that you have been through and I'm so sorry about your daughter. You have every right to feel the way you do. Don't let her words effect you in any way. I hope your pregnancy goes well and I wish you the best.


docbytch - September 27

She is definitely that Sa__sychick. I actually tried engaging her on that thread just because it seems ridiculous for her to pop into that forum raging on about morals. Happy to see they just went ahead and deleted her post. Laurz....Baby Dust to you!!


moescrilla - September 28

Laurz- I'm not a teen but I do pop in here time to time and just had to reply to this. I'm so sorry for your loss and sorry that there are some people out there that can be so ugly. Why would anyone be so rude to someone who's lost a baby? Just wanted to give you my condolences and congrats on your pregnancy! I wish you a happy one!


moescrilla - September 28

wow - I just went and read your post about your daughter. I cant imagine the pain you went through and continue to go through. I can imagine you being scared about this pregnancy. I would be too. You are a strong woman for having made it throuh everything you've been through.


Zeelful - October 2

Hey listen young lady there is no need to go over the top and get immature with me, i have an opinion on things and i will state my opinion in anyway i choose i am ent_tled to say what i wish. i understand upset over the death of a child but it in no way should be allowed to cloud the arrival of a new child. To let it effect it so much is rather selfish and that child is going to sense that there is sadness around its existence. Hence I feel the mood should be lightened. Excuse me but i am not a troublemaker, i have opinions, i dont care who doesnt agree with them! The morals of some women today are absolutely disgusting, especially in that forum, producing offspring with men you barely know and who are married to someone else. I find it a disgrace.


Chris1975 - October 2

Zeelful, Dont call Laurz selfish.. She is estatic about this pregnancy, just concerned and anxious as anyone in her position would be. Its still very fresh in her takes time to heal wounds. A loss of one's child wont bring a cloud over other newborns, however any mother experiencing a loss would always remember with sadness their first child..if they didnt, they wouldnt be human! Have you actually been through this traumatic experience yourself? If not, your not really in a position to be judgemental are you then! If anyones throwing around immature comments, look in the mirror. This site is about support and help, not about casting judgement. Didnt your mum ever tell you the wise saying "if you havnt got anything nice, then dont say anything at all?". A real sign of maturity is accepting peoples faults and not casting judgment. If some threads offend you so much you cant bite your tongue, dont read them. Its a fairly logical course of action, unless your one of those attention seeking idiots who likes to stir trouble!


docbytch - October 2

It seems to me that only a troublemaker would say such incredibly callous things to a woman who lost her YOUNG child! Zeelful you remind me of the other troublemaker that recently got thrown off this site. Please keep your unkind opinions to yourself!!! Try practicing the Golden Rule....that is...if you even know what it is.


sa__sychick - October 2

I’d just like to chime in and say that not every woman on the single and pregnant board has slept with a married man or produced offspring with men they barely know. Maybe you are referring to one or two post but you can not generalize all women who are unwed with children in this way, it's just wrong! You keep talking about morals but you must realize, if you’re a mature rational adult, that people's morals differ and not everyone has the same set of morals that you do. The way you choose to live your life is your business but how dare you judge everyone else whose morals aren’t like yours who you call a disgrace and disgusting. Your just wrong!


ShoppingForTwo - October 2

Some people are mean, what some people would cal rude, and their brains seem absolutely infalliable and impossible to penetrate to and make them see it your way or to make them stop being an a__s. But at the end of the day it is THEIR opinion and we are all here to share, talk, ask for support, and express our opinions. I suggest ignoring a post if you don't like what's said in it because making seperate posts about a certain person and arguing about if just drags it out and makes it worse. We have all witnessed that many times and especially recently with the person that docbytch speaks of that wishes her child to die or whatever. We can't judge someone because of their opinion or call them names. Its THEIR opinion. We have all been raised differently and some of us have very different morals. We can't fault someone because she/he believes something different. I'm not sticking up for what Zeeful said, I didn't even read it besides what was quoted in the first post. I also lost my young daughter at 9 and a half hours old, 3 and a half months ago so I can relate excatly to the grief and the worries about the next pregnancy. I'm not on anyones side, I'm neutral. I mean, what do people expect? This is the world wide internet, you can't possibly expect everyone to support you and tell you what you want to hear. Everyone of us is bound to incounter someone that disagrees with us every now and again, the same goes for regular life. "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me" didn't we all chant that in grade school? Get a grip ladies, these people don't know you so please don't care what they say if its negative or if they don't like you. Please. We are all mature here, I hope. "For one to judge another for being judgemental, takes judgement in the accuser of the accused; therefore the accuser is also judgemental"


Zeelful - October 11

I do not think I am in the wrong, and I would not cla__s myself as a troublemaker. I comment where i feel i need to. Laurz has my sympathy on her loss, but reality is this child is different and shouldnt be given the treatment of a possible candidate for death. As far as women getting impregnanted by married men and such, I totally stand by my statements.


sa__sychick - October 11

Zeelful, why do you only have negative things to say to everyone? I still stand by my statement that you are a troublemaker and your generalization of all single moms’ is WRONG!!! So glad your back....NOT!


GimmeaBub - October 11

Zeelful you have walked into a snake pit, whether you agree with someones descion or not is not an excuse for you to criticise unfortunatly we cant all agree with what everyone says or does, but it doesnt mean we pa__s judgement or express negativity on thoes. I agree somewhat that women who sleep with married men are a little selfish thats somewhat true, I mean just because someones marriage is failing isnt an excuse to make the situation worse, plus I always think of the other persons feelings first. However I didnt see Laurz write anything about that nor do i care she makes her own descions and whether you like it or not this a Pregnancy Question and Answer Forum not a Pregnancy Debate or opinion Forum.


BouncingBabyBoy - October 12

Laurz Congrats on your pregnancy! I am sorry about your loss, but god took her for a reason...that is what I believe Zeelful you have the right to your own opinoin but you have to watch how you state it. things can offend people more than others...things coe off rude when you dont really mean them to. you don't ahve to be rude or mean to anyone expecially one who as lost a child


Frances - October 12

Also not a teen, but had to comment. I don't think it's possible to forget past experiences when you are in the middle of a similar experience. It is therefore absurd to advise someone to do so. Laurz, I know from experience just how difficult it is to be pregnant following losses. The best advice I can give you is to do your best to think positive (it helped me when I could manage to do it) and just pray like crazy. When I finally delivered my second son I just couldn't believe that everything had worked out so well, but it had! Blessings to you and your baby, I'll keep you in my prayers!



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