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Emma2 - May 18

This video will help those who need to know how pregnancy happens.


frankschick2001 - May 18

This is probably a good thing to post, but I bet a lot of young people will end up taking offense to it, and calling you "rude". I believe that a lot of girls on here have no idea how to really get pregnant and need A LOT of education on the subject.


Emma2 - May 18

Calling me rude for educating them is actually their problem....This is a tool and it helps even those who know who it happens. Visiualization is the best way to learn!


midnight_drift - May 18

It isn't rude, she is posting is so people can understand that you can't just get pregnant from dry s_x, etc. Because people think they can get pregnant when just rubbing up against each other with clothes on. It's annoying after awhile! Besides, the video is very medical, and informative.


reiri - May 18

this was very educational. i learned a lot about the pregnancy cycle that i never learned in school.... it seems like it takes a whole month to get pregnant...


krista-lee - May 18

yeah.. okay im sure we know how pregnancy happens, since a lot of us are pregnant. the t_tle implies that you think we're stupid, and we're are not just because you're older and think you know it all.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 18

I do not think what you are doing is rude at all. I think you are doing a good job by helping to inform and educate. Many teens come on here asking questions that that video will answer. Thank you! I am an older pregnant teen (almost 19), and I think what you are doing is great. I find no offensiveness in this whatsoever. YOU GO GIRL!


Mommy - May 18

Actually, many girls come on here saying things like "I was fingered/ate out/gave head/dry humped, can I be pregnant?" I think it's pretty informative. And before I get told I'm a know it all because I'm older, I'm 18 and had my kids at 16 and 17 years old.


Emma2 - May 19

krista-lee , you clearly dont read properly. The t_tle says "for those who DONT know" this is not intended for people like you who "know"...but it was expected that some of you would be snippy about dont like the post dont open it and dont bother with it...Someone who doesnt know how it happens will be educated and appreciate it.


Emma2 - May 19

And I am older and I know much much more than you do dont get smart with me because of the facts....your response proves how immature you are...I rest my case...Until you have something informative and positive on this forum you should just pipe down and re-think your words.


midnight_drift - May 19

I agree, it isn't out there to make anyone stupid krista-lee. She is older, it doesn't mean she knows more than you, but it just might. The older you are, the more knowlegable, because you've had many experiences in life, so there is a lot of wisdom. No one here is smarter than anyone here, but next time krista-lee, I suggest you read more into it, and notice that it isn't meant to make fun of anyone, only to inform those who don't know if they can get pregnant, the way you can get pregnant. I watched the video myself, it's a very interesting video, so don't bash what you don't know yourself.


corinne - May 19

I agree this is to inform those people on here that have no clue if they are pregnant and for those who no nothing about conception. There are girls who are pregnant but have no idea how the process works and they think they know it all just because they are pregnant. Well geuss what I have a child I'm 20 and I learned stuff that I did not know. So just because your pregnant does not mean you know everything about conception and a womans mestrual cycle.


ash2 - May 19

i agree with you girls! i cant stand it when teens come on here and say "oh i wonder if im pregnant because we rubbed and i might be1" it is so stupid. if they dont know how to get pregnant then they dont need to be having s_x.....



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