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tara - January 13

I keep reading posting after posting …help, I think I’m pregnant…had unprotected s_x. It’s so hard for me to believe with all of the contraceptives available to us these days that there are still people who don’t use any sort of protection. If you are s_xually active you need to be on the pill, shot, patch, IUD… (the list still goes on still) and no matter what you are using you need to make sure your partner is using a condom! There are many, many types of condoms out there and I’m sure that you will find one that’s satisfactory to you. You guys are young and have so much life to experience yet, so why play such a dangerous game? There are a lot of teen mothers out there and I can assure you if you ask them how they feel about becoming a mother so young 85% would answer I love my baby to death for him/her but I was too young! So why not take advantage of what others have already experienced and protect your self from getting pregnant and getting STDs by taking every precaution possible? If you think you are old enough to be having s_x then you should certainly be responsible enough to use protection. It’s just really upsetting to see how many teens out there think they are mature enough to take on the world and yet a simple thing like taking responsibility to protect your self is not yet common sense to them. My groups of friends vary from one extreme of good innocent girls and guys to the other extreme of very s_xually active (of course we are in our 20s) but I don’t know of any that would have s_x unprotected. You can get pregnant or STDs even if you sit on a spot where it’s wet with the guys ejaculation. Why do you play such a dangerous game and run the risk of getting pregnant and STDs? If you are s_xually active or even thinking of becoming s_xual with your partner some sort of a protection should become part of your daily life style.


Sarah - January 13

I agree, but most of the time with these kids its the fact that they cant be bothered, being cautious in regards to s_x probably does not even enter their minds, they just want wear clothes that are too bog for them, but when the washing needs to be done and the responsibility comes along, they run like the wind. Having s_x at 12,13,14,15,16, is really stupid, ayou guys are still kids and yet when you want advice you slag everyone off say dont effing tell me what to do. S_x as a kid is disgusting and gross and i have no respect for young kids that think that lifestyle is healthy, and just because everyone else is doing it is the stupidest, dumbest, most unintelligent comeback i have ever heard!


maddie - January 14

its plain and simple, the peeps that get pregnant have little money to buy condoms and little education to go with it!!


gablex - January 14

I will be the first to admit when I got pregnant with my daughter at 15, I only thought "I cant get pregnant, only s___ts get pregnant." BIG REALITY CHECK. And at 18 with my son it was different it involved some antibiotics and some pulling of the wisdom teeth, (I admit I totally feel stupid for not knowing antibiotics kill birth control) but I'm very well educated now and I agree with Maddie and Sarah young adults need to be more educated in the risks of unprotected s_x. I recently was doing a project at the local high school where the girls in a gym cla__s had to pick a STD and write a 3 page essay over. I had girls coming up to me telling me that they wont have unprotected s_x anymore and if they hadnt had s_x yet then they wont anytime in the future. The best advise I can give young ladies is if you are going to have s_x go to the local health department and get the FREE CONDOMS. If you are to embarra__sed then maybe you are not ready for s_x.



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