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tara - January 14

I keep reading posting after posting …help, I think I’m pregnant…had unprotected s_x. It’s so hard for me to believe with all of the contraceptives available to us these days that there are still people who don’t use any sort of protection. If you are s_xually active you need to be on the pill, shot, patch, IUD… (the list still goes on still) and no matter what you are using you need to make sure your partner is using a condom! There are many, many types of condoms out there and I’m sure that you will find one that’s satisfactory to you. You guys are young and have so much life to experience yet, so why play such a dangerous game? There are a lot of teen mothers out there and I can assure you if you ask them how they feel about becoming a mother so young 85% would answer I love my baby to death for him/her but I was too young! So why not take advantage of what others have already experienced and protect your self from getting pregnant and getting STDs by taking every precaution possible? If you think you are old enough to be having s_x then you should certainly be responsible enough to use protection. It’s just really upsetting to see how many teens out there think they are mature enough to take on the world and yet a simple thing like taking responsibility to protect your self is not yet common sense to them. My groups of friends vary from one extreme of good innocent girls and guys to the other extreme of very s_xually active (of course we are in our 20s) but I don’t know of any that would have s_x unprotected. You can get pregnant or STDs even if you sit on a spot where it’s wet with the guys ejaculation. Why do you play such a dangerous game and run the risk of getting pregnant and STDs? If you are s_xually active or even thinking of becoming s_xual with your partner some sort of a protection should become part of your daily life style. There is also the morning after pill to should not be used in form of birth control but can safely be used if you do make the mistake of having unprotected s_x once. No matter how young you are if you are s_xually active protect your self!


Kimberly - January 14

I'd just like to say that things happen and for whatever reason we should just be a good person and be there for others with problems. Plus not always was a pregnancy on purpose or caused by no birth control of any kind, condoms ripe, one pill can be missed. The pill isn't 100% safe and same with condoms!! Don't blame the girl or the guy for god wanting them to be blessed with a child


tara - January 14

I realize that some times things happen that are out of our hands and not of our own doing. But if the girl is on some sort of birth control and the guy is wearing a condom if one fails the other will still protect you. What’s the harm in that? If taking those precautions and still getting pregnant, at least you can say I was responsible and mature about my choices. I don’t think it’s write for young kinds (younger than 16/17) to be involved s_xually, but if one chooses too they should at least be responsible enough to take every precaution possible. It’s a harsh world that we live in why make it harder for your self and the others around you that care for you and love you?


Charlie - January 14

Yes Kimberly, you blame it on God for "blessing" you with a b___d child. I suppose that will make you feel better, calling it an act of God as opposed to an accident. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that if you and your 14 year old boyfriend weren't screwing like rabbits at every opportunity, you wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.


jordyn - January 14

me and my boyfriend for 2 years and we have never had s_x with out a condom and i was 2 mounths late i have never in my life been on track a normal 30 day cycle i have had missed mounths and then twice in 1 mounth befor ever haveing s_xual intercourse,i thought i was pregnant i had a lot of the signs my brest hurt and i had the little white bumps! but that was all just the onther day i started my period and had c___pms and all it isnt light in fact it is a very heavy period could it b that i just skiped mounths or do you think i had my period while i was pregnant?? PLEZ HELP? i need answers we r gitting ready to go to the gyno? i need to kno first what you think


Maddie - January 15

U DUMBASS Jordyn, you dont know how to speak, it's "my boyfriend and I" not "me and my boyfriend"


Maddie - January 15

adults? im not an adult im a teenager. its fun on here telling you guys the truth about yourselves. You must understand the things i am telling you!



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