For All U Teen Who Want Baby S

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niki - February 24

if u want a baby i sudgest u have ur parents or someone to buy u a puppy. it will calm ur arges of wanting a baby! and a good thing is that it will calm u down cause i wentt through the same thing i wanted a baby and i spoke to my boyfreind about he said he wante on too but we werent ready to bring a baby into this world (were not married or finacially stable yet) so i told him ok maybe i shud get a puppy and i absolutely adore my dog her name is jaque. and she is a yorkie terrior (miniature) she doesnt get any bigger then one for those toy puddles and ever since then i have calmed my erges but its great resposibilty to have a dog if u cant take care of a puppy forget about a baby! :-)


Audrey - February 24

That's good advice. Having a baby is way harder than some people think. I have friends who have a 4 month old boy (planned) and although they love him, they complain about frequent crying fits, constant diaper changing, not being able to go out when they want. A baby is only cute when it's asleep!


niki - February 25

of course a baby is joyful but like u said a handful and if u dont have a hand to proivde it with food and water and diaper changing and love and everything a baby needs wen its born then i dont think ppl who come on here wanting babys are ready! and its not a resp. for u parents u have a baby then ur freind calls "hey wanna go to a club" then u ditch ur baby wen it needs all the attention from the mother like everyday and gives it to soeone to take care of it! dotn make any sence i understand sometimes u know but ur social life will go down little by little cause everything u cud do u can anymore cause u have a baby! i mean dont get me wrong a baby is wonderfdul and some ppl dont care about there social but everyone is diff. and i dont plan to make anybody feel bad anything anyone does in there life is there choice! :)


Mommy2Kylie - February 25

Getting a puppy is a cute idea. Puppies and Kitties are so cute :)


niki - February 26

yes they are i want my mom tog et me one but it seem like she can't/ wont right now :(!!! haha oh weell i'll live



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