For All U Want Abortion Take A Look At This

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girly - February 24

dont judge me cause only god can but everyone shud take a look at this! follow ur heart and do as it says ii aiint gonna tell u to abort but u shud see what one of the ways they abort babies i had a perfect ex. but the site dont let u paste there site on a forum it wont work so google search abortions then click images and take a look at teh poster like example of how they kill babies it breaks my heart ot see this!


Kay - February 24

I know you may mean well , but i dont think that teen mums would like to see this happneing expeacially the amount of stress and confusion they will be going through. They know that abortion is an option but they dont need to see the reality of abortion.


lisa - February 24

this is true! but ppl shud know u know? well i only ment well sry for anybody dat is affected or is hurt by this everyone has there reasons of not wanting and wanting one im sry for all u girl who tkae it the wrong way prayes go to all u teen mums who think they want to or dont or w.e! sry lisa


becca - February 24

yea i no you were probs just trying to help but really looking at pics will only make it worse its reli the wrong way to go about it


N - February 24

You are looking at biased sites. Basically means they will b__w it up to be 100 times worse than it is. Have you ever wondered how they get hold of these pictures?


kelli - February 24

I think that abortions are wrong period. I believe if a teen was mature and responsible enough to lay down and have s_x, then they should be mature and responsible enough to handle the out comes they know before they lay down and have s_x that there is a chance they could get pregnant, children are gifts from GOD, what if your parents decided to abort you?


v - February 24

then i wouldnt be here in the first place to be able to pregnant


Re:v - February 24

Then maybe you shouldn't be here.


God - February 24

Thou shalt not kill.


RE:God - February 24

If he wasn't serious and didn't mean it he would not have said it.


LiAnNe - February 24

oh no! how can you tell someone to look at that, pregnant women aswell. ARE YOU SICK?! thats terrible. you sud b ashamed of yourself, ask yourself wud you like to see that, if you was thinking of an abortion? and even if you wud like it, dont mean other do. i ent even pregnant, and it makes me sick.


v - February 24

not so Christian are you to say something like that?



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