For Cheryls Eyes Only

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Karen - May 31

Cheryl I hate to say this but why do you come on here looking for a baby? Seriously i doubt you are going to find one on here.I know it must be hard, but I don't think this is the place to look for a baby. Agencies do not sell babies, that's all in your head. I just think you don't want to spend the money for the mothers expenses of home studies, and all the other fee's it takes to adopt. It looks like maybe you think your going to get a baby for free. I hate to say this but nothing comes for free in this world.I know you want a private adoption and I want to know why? I don't think it's fair to the child not to know his birth family, kind of sounds like your being selfish.I feel really sorry for the baby you might adopt someday :O(


millie - May 31

i know this question is for cheryl but i cant help but put my 2 cents in. i happen to agree with karen. this is not the place to go rootin around for a baby. i think you need to take a second look cheryl, it looks like your on here trying to persuade these girls to give up there own babies. how come one child is not enough? just thank your lucky stars you have that kid and be happy with what you got. looks like your having a hard time getting these girls to give up there babies.


To:Cheryl - May 31

Sorry, I too have an opinion on this.....Cheryl, have you ever stopped to think that maybe some of these girls WANT their babies??? Obviosly not. Stop harra__sing them just because you want to adopt. Like I hae seen many people say on here...go through an agency and do it the right way.


To the post above - May 31

Cheryl is hara__sing these girls because of there age. Just because there teenagers dosen't mean they can't be good mothers to there babies. They deserve to be mothers to despite there age. Cheryl needs to take a good look at these girls, and know that they may not want to give up there child. What Cheryl needs to do is go through an adoption agency like most other couples do, and stop looking on a pregnancy web site for a baby. If you haven't noticed already Cheryl, there is not even a adoption topic board on here. What does that tell you? It tells me that you should look at other means in adopting a baby.


To the poster above - May 31

What does that mean?


Crazy - May 31

Cheryl isnt like that. even though they are teenagers they can still say no you know, or ignore the posts. Cheryl doesnt put the pressure on. god just leave her alone.


jen - May 31

i disagree with you crazy. i know cheryl and she tried to get me to give up my baby, trying to persuade me that i was doing the best thing for my baby. i almost bought it, until i met her and her husband. after i met them i found out what kind of people they are.i just wish i wouldnt have talked to her though e mail, now she wont leave me alone. she e mails me constantly , everyday sometimes several times a day.. cheryl im not giving up my baby so just leave it alone and go on with your life.


Jill - May 31

For those who say nothing in this world is free, tell me how much these teen moms are paying for their babies. You do get things for free. And when you've spent thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, you don't want to spend thousands more on adoption agencies. Don't put Cheryl down when she just wants a family, when she can support a child on her own, no welfare or parents or anything else. Yes, a teenager can be a good mom but how is she supporting her child? And wouldn't some of these girls to want their child to have a better life than what she can offer? That's where Cheryl's offer would be considered. There's no pressure on anyone, if they don't want to give up their child, exit the web page. Very simple solution. And I know I want my child to believe that I am his mother. I raise him, I feed him, I change his diapers, I bathe him, I hold him when he is sick, it doesn't matter if I birthed him or not. I am his mother. Maybe you should consider how it feels when you can't have a baby, no matter how hard you try.


To Jill - May 31

Oh Pa Leaseeeeeeeeeeeee


lmao - May 31

Jill & Cheryl are the same poster............lolololololol


Jen - May 31

I want to adopt and I think you are taking things way too far with Cheryl. Adoption is sometimes a good alternative to these girls, maybe not for you but I think a 17 or 18 year old can make this decision. Some people are not ready or may never want to have kids, why not let someone adopt them and who cares how they meet? Sure I do agree that Cheryl does post a lot here but hey it's a free country and I don't know why some of you are so mad. It's like you say these teens can be mothers and responsiable then you go and say they are very impressionable and will just give up their baby and give in to pressure. It's just a post. Give these girls some credit and know that there are steps to adoption, nobody can just come and take a baby.


Jen - May 31

I also agree that a good adoption agency is fine and they do not sell babies. A good adotpion agency will help these teens figure out what they want. A bad adoption agency can put on the pressure probably more so then Cheryl. I mean if you don't go through with the adoption, they are out of money and the good agencies won't care. Check an agency out first, that's all.


lulu - June 1

you must say thank you to cherly. just shut up you idiot karen! let her adopt. tou must be ashamed for what you said! she is not selfish! u r d shelfish one cause you just want to bring a baby in d world and let it there!


Jill - June 1

Why would Cheryl be posing as me? Has no one else noticed that Cheryl hasn't even responded to any of us?


olivia - June 2

well i know one keeping my baby no matter what.


becca - June 2

i really think that your wrong cheryl asks if there is any one looking to get there baby adopted she dosent say to these girls right you have to adopt your b__wing this out of proporsion?!?! yes you are right in the sense she shouldnt come to this forum, i my self wouldnt give my baby to some one ive spoken to on the internet not that i would ever give my baby away but still leave her be if people dont want the choice-adoption just dont reply to her


To jen - June 8

I don't know who you are. I never talked to you about adopting your child . And you did not meet my husband and I. I have never emailed you so stop lying.



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