For The Pregnant Teens Out There

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Lina - October 8

I understand alot of you guys are young and pregnant.....some are scared some are pretty young myself. Im 18 and i had a baby almost a month ago. I been through alot since my pregnancy and im willing to answer questions for any confused pregnant teen out there or someone who just needs help. GOod luck to all of you its not easy. Trust me!


Melanie - October 8

i had s_x in the summer and im not sure if im pregnate or not and im to young to have a kid how am i going to tell my parents?


Myranda - October 9

Hi my name is Myranda and im 15....okay my last period was from Sept. 22nd through the 26th since then my ovulation day would be around today. I've had completly unprotected s_x every Sat. and Sun. since my last period and even the weekend during my period...yeah no comments about that please...the past few day I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, extreme tiredness, eating a whole lot more,dizzyness, heat flashes and headaches. If I was not pregnant, then what could cause all these symptoms to occur? Can you get pregnant while haveing s_x during your period? and could I be pregnant from having s_x today on my ovulation day? please give me some advice Myranda


Me - October 10

Hey. im 14. I had unprotected s_x about a week ago. I have eaten ALOT since than.And I pee ALOT. Could i be pregnant? It was only 4 days ago when me and my boyfreind had s_x. He took it out be4 he came but pre-c_m can get u pregnant 2 right? I really need some one to talk to me.


- October 11

To Me- symptoms of pregnancy take at least 2 weeks to start showing, but usually more. I'd say that your stressing over nothing so far.


keisha - October 11

hey my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x yesterday (10-10-05). and he c_med in me. ok I have been on the shot but I stop beening on it now for about 7mths. Out of this is there anyway that i could get pregnant. Can someone please inform me.


angel - October 11

will I'm 15 and I had s_x 3 weeks back and i did use a condom but after my b/f just pace his p___s inside me. im suppose to get my period since 5th and today is 11th.. i dont usuallu get irregular periods. i did a test on 10th and it was negative. i cant let my parents find out or else im gonna get kicked out of my house and im kinda gettin this whitish discharge upset stomaach triedness and gettin hungry often. my parents and i dont really talk much.. any advice or u think im pregnant?


Cat - October 12

I'm 18 and i just started college this semester. i've had s_x once since i've been at college, and it was just a drunken one-night stand. i never have heard from him since, and he didn't answer my phone calls. either way, i ended up pregnant. my first thought was, "how can i make this all go away?" but the more i think about it, the less i want to get rid of it. i did the responsible thing and told my parents, cause i know i'll need their help no matter what i decide, but they are pushing me to get an abortion. they say i would be stupid not to, cause i would be throwing away school. plus, i don't have the money to really support myself right now, nevermind a baby. i might be able to if i worked full time, but then i would have to find someone to care for the baby while i'm at work. and health care? i don't even want to think about that. adoption is an alternative, but i don't know if i could give my baby up. i'm only about 7 weeks along, but i need to make a decision, before abortion is too late. what advice can ANYONE give me?


bex - October 12

hi i am 18 and i found out the other day i am 24 weeks pregnant. after this stage does it go really fast cos i cant believe i am that far gone already. i havent taken any vitimin or flic acid r ne thiong do u think my baby will be ok. what has changed in ur life and how has it been hard?



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