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tadybare - May 30

ok so im 16 and so is myboyfriend. we had s_x two days ago with a condom. im freaked about getting pregnant so i told him to pull out before eh c_mmed even tho we were using a condom. he did. but he c_mmed afterward (no contact with me so it was all good) then yesterday we had s_x again but we didn't use a condom. he was in for less than a minutes. just a couple of thursts and then pulled out. but he didnt' c_m (not even pre-c_m) but was sperm stil alive? (less than 72 hours) am i pregnant?!


AddysMummy - May 30

USE A CONDOM ALL TIMES and NO you are not pregnant it is like a one in a million chance.


amanda17 - May 30

Wait a minute you think that the sperm from 72 hours earlier got you pregnant? First of all, doesn't he shower? Secondly, sperm can live inside YOU for several days, but out in the open they dry up and die. Still, you could be pregnant from pre-c_m since I doubt there wasn't any... But chances are very, very slim. If you were freaked out about getting pregnant even with a condom, why on earth would you agree to do without?


iona - May 30

Make everyones life easier, especially your own. Get on the pill AND use condoms at all times. Then you can be happy go lucky and NEVER EVER worry. Good luck!!!


tadybare - May 30

thank you for answering. we're getting the plan b pills today just in case and i talked to my school nurse to get the birth control pills. trust me, i will never do something as stupid and unsafe as this and it was a good lesson for me and my friends who after today, will not do it either


angelmonkey - May 31

so u were freaking out that you,d get pregnant so used a condom and got him 2 pull out b4 he came and then the next day didnt even use a condom? silly sily sily! dont do it again!


Teddyfinch - June 2

i slap my head at this girl. why do these kids say they're so scared to have kids yet they're having s_x without a condom. look, you know you can get pregnant if you don't use a condom so if you don't want to, WHY HAVE s_x WITHOUT IT!!??!!? i swear. and omfg you don't need the morning after pill you....*10 deep breaths*



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