Freakinggggg Out Please Help

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possiblypregnant7 - June 30

i am 16 years old. my boyfriend and i had s_x early this month, using a piece of saran wrap (stupid i know) to protect us from prec_m. he did not ejaculate in me. i got a "period" on the 16th, right around the day i was expecting, because my periods are irregular, usually coming between every 3 and 5 weeks. it was lighter than usual, but lasted the usual 7 days. in the beginning of may i took the morning after pill, which i heard can mess with your periods, making them lighter or heavier for a few months. a week ago i took a pregnancy test (4 days after the bleeding of my "period" stopped) and it came up negative. do you think that was an accurate reading? or do you think that i can take another now and get an accurate reading? i haven't experienced any pregnancy-like symptoms except that i am exhaustedd, but i think that could be because i have been freaking out for like 2 weeks and havent gone to bed at a good hour, because im up thinking about it. what do you think? im freaking outtt.


Triskit - July 1

Alright, if you took a home pregnancy test and it came back Negative, it probably was an accurate reading. However, if you are still unsure, you can always take another one. Two negatives usually are more comforting than one. If you're still questioning it, you could always go to your local planned parenthood clinic and have one done there confidentially and their tests are pretty accurate. Stress can make things worse for you, so the best thing to do is clear your mind. I know you are freaking out, but it wont do any good for you and your boyfriend.


frknScaredd - July 5

Okay i had unprotected s_x with my ex boyfriend when he spent the night. He didnt c_m but dont most guys pre-c_m? I started my period two days later. Is there a chance of getting pregnant by pre c_m? Even though i still had my period?


Grandpa Viv - July 6

Your fertile window is 14 days or more before your expected period. If the only time you had s_x was a few days before your expected period, and the period came as expected, you are not pregnant. Good luck!



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