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baby_girl9906 - July 6

I'm 19 and pregnant... I don't really have anything in common anymore with any of my friends... they're all out partying and I can barely stay up until 10 most of the time and I definitely can't go drinking. I feel like I'm losing all of my friends and I have no one to talk to or hang out with except my boyfriend (whom I love to death... but sometimes I want a friend besides him)). I feel like what I need is friends who are pregnant who can share in what I'm going through and what I will be going through after I have my baby. Is there anyone out there that feels the same way?????


momma2be1988 - July 6

i totally understand i am 18 and all my friends are partying now that its summer and im to tired to even leave the house sometimes. Many of them are planning on goin on trips for a year and ill b at home with my baby. In the end we will grow up faster and miss out on some things, but i just remember im having a baby and none of them will get to experience love like that. How far along are you?


baby_girl9906 - July 6

30 wks


Abigail - July 6

yeah, I can relate. I'm 19 and 30 weeks too! I love my baby and all but sometimes I wish I could've waited a little longer. I wanted to go to college and have fun before "settling down" things never goes as planned for me. Do you live in the city or in a small town?


ConnorsMommy - July 6

i definately know what you mean! my bestfriend actually had a baby, but lmoved to the opposite side of the country! sucks! :( and i just moved to a new city so i dont even know anyone here! it's hard to meet people my age that are pregnant or have children (i'm 19 too... 20 in sept.)... if you (or anyone else) ever wanna chat email me: [email protected] good luck with ur pregnancies!


baby_girl9906 - July 10

I live in a small town near Indianapolis


sweetsouthernbelle - July 10

yea i can relate 19 and due the 24th of only friend seems to be my husband which isnt a bad thing cause i love being with him but sometimes theres things you'd rather share with females ya know?? anyone wants to chat i have yahoo and msn [email protected] and msn is [email protected]y the way i live in SouthEast Georgia..hehe


not-falling - July 10

hey baby_girl9906... im only 17, and im only 3 months.. but i thought id let you know... i feel like that too, most of my friends are turning 18 and are going out drinking and clubbing (i live in australia so 18 is legal :)) and im stuck at home.. it bothers me to some extent.. but im excited about having my baby... the father of my baby lives 6 hours away, we dont talk at all... he doesnt want anything to do with me or the baby, he already ha a 3 year old daughter... so im completly alone! lol.....i thought sharing my story might give you a bite of encouragement, at least i hope it did.... if youd like to talk ive always got time



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