From Chuckaa Read ALL My Posts B4 U Hate On Me

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Chuckaa - December 9

im sick of gettin horrible posts from people wen i posted 'how do i make her get a aboriton'. why d'yall only read my first post???? then answer sayin bad stuff???? read the rest of my posts an u will find that me an my girl r stayin together an keepin the baby an love it. i agree with that person that sed people on here r lazy an never read more of the story


Becca - December 9

I am really glad that you changed your mind Chuckaa. Also, there are programs like WIC and Medicaid for young parents in your situation. You can both take advantage of the services provided by the government. Once you have both finished school and are on your feet you can always find a way to give back to the community. Good luck to you and the young mamma. :-) I am sure you will both find a way to make this family work and be GREAT parents. I don't think you should get married JUST because she is having your baby. Maybe in a few years once you two have finished school and are a bit more SURE of what you want you can make that decision. But like a baby it is a lifetime commitment and should not be entered into just because of an unplanned pregnancy. It is better that the baby have two parents that are able to be friends than two parents who get married for the wrong reason, end up in divorce and don't talk to eachother. Just give it time. You both have your whole lives to grow up and get married. Right now you should focus on this baby and providing for him/her. Good luck to you and God bless you and your new family!!:-)


E - December 12

Chuckaa - Do not worry so much about what others think of you. The people on this site are not your friends or relatives. Who cares what they post. People have posted nasty c___p to me in the past and I just shrug it off. As if I care what a computer screen reads. Anyhow, you are the jusge and jury of your life and have made the right decision in this case. I hope that you will not allow nasty comments bring you down. I imagine you are preparing for the baby? Remember, you do not need every little piece of garbage that commercials want you to believe is necessary. Baby Gap has clothes on sale all of the time at clearance prices which are cheaper than a Kmart. I bought clothes for my baby as soon as I found out I was pregnant, straight from the clearance rack. Just anticipate what season it will be when the baby is born and buy clothes on sale long before. If you wait until 1 or 2 months b4 its born, everything will be full price. I bought for my newborn during the fall season when all of the spring/summer clothes were clearanced. XOXO


suss it - December 16

I believe that Chukka you are a 14 year old girl and you and your friend are writing this stuff as a joke???!!!!!


Chuckaa - December 17

thanks for the advice E! weve bin given a load of clothes from family an stuff but we want 2 buy some new stuff 2 weve bin lookin at things but cant realy decide wot 2 buy yet until we find out wot it is (if we do!). it just anoys me u know wen evry1s sayin stuff like that like wot vanessa said just cos they cant be bothered 2 read the rest. to 'suss it' errrr no why wud i bother??? im here cos im gonna b a dad.


E - December 17

Chuckaa, you can buy items for a newborn baby that are neutral. The only colors that are gender giveaways are pink and lavender. Girls can wear blue, green, yellow, white... As well as boys. Start buying now b/c everything will be on sale.


Chuckaa - December 23

did any1 ask u kisah? grow up



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