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courtney - January 23

hi guys!!! god....being a mom is ALOT harder then i thought and preached to all these girls about. i never imagined it being THIS hard. i love my daughter more then life itself, but sooooo stressed!! in the last week since i brought her home i think ive only gotten probably about 15 hours of sleep. and its only gonna get worse...! young girls should REALLY think about it a little bit more b4 they decide to have a baby. its hard.....its not what u guys think its like. u cant just play with her and put her on the shelf when ur done. and there is NOOOOOOOO more "me" time anymore....! think about it girls....4 REAL!!


Mommy - January 23

LOL Courtney, it gets better. Just wait until she starts crawling and getting into everything. I made a similiar post trying to get other girls to realise how hard it is. I have 2 kids and they keep me on my toes. When she gets older she will start sleeping more and give you time to rest, Congrats on your little one. She will give you the urge to pull your hair out but sooooo much happiness, too. THIS IS NOT THE GREEN LIGHT TO OTHER YOUNG GIRLS TO GET PREGNANT ON PURPOSE! SEE, IT'S HARD, AND TIRING, AND EXPENSIVE. Anyway, update us when things get better, or worse, or you have a minute LOL. :o)


ughh - January 23

so true... i'm just praying i'm not pregnant cause i KNOW I'm not ready... i need to focus more on school and stuff, and i definately wanna go to college...


Jbear - January 23

Courtney, take naps whenever your baby does, it will help you keep from getting totally exhausted. She'll probably start sleeping a bit longer by the time she's two months.


Jess - January 23

Tell me about it! im 14 i have a 5 week old even though she sleps through the night wakes up about 4 times during the day and goes strait back to sleep except for a tiny wake period at about 9pm, its still soo tiring! she is really good, feeds well, doesnt cry alot (she just started smiling though) i love her so much its never going to change i just wish i had waited afew more years... I do wish i had listened to people telling me this all while i was preg but you just dont!


Channy - January 23

lol really? for me, it's sOo easy. i love my daughter more than anything else and well she comes first before anything else. For me, it's never tiring or hard. it's just so d__n easy. Dont worry Courtney, things will get better.. trust me!


Kristina - January 24

Being a mom definitly has it's challenges...being a teen mom has even more. Tasia is fairly good, sleeps good at night, doesn't cry alot during the day. Except that she barely sleeps during the day and wants to be held and played with every waking moment. It makes it really hard to do housework. Most of the time I am on the comp she is sitting on my lap.


courtney - January 24

i got a minute. lol. god i WISH she slept through the night!!! she waked up about twice through the night, but ike kristina said, she wants ALLLLL my attention during the day. shes ALREADY spoiled and wants to be held all the time, and when shes not, she screams!! she is only 11 dats old and ALREADY weighs 12 lbs. isnt that crazy?? she was born 10 and 23 in. she is sooo big, and is very alert and awake. she doesnt act like a new bor by any means. she is already smiling, which i love, and she is starting to try to sit up! she eats like a cow....! probly about once or twice every 1 1/2. shes the most beautiful and amazing thing ive ever seen, but omg she is a handful already!!! :o) im startin to feel better and getting used to being sleep deprived. thanx for the comments guys!! and chaney....arent u lucky!!! i wish it was easy for me!!



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