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csted - March 2

I am so excited. My bf and I have been trying to have a baby and I just took a test today and found out that I am going to have a baby. Is there anyone else 15 that is going to be a mom?


KaseyA - March 2

Congrats :) You're in for one heck of a ride. I'm 18 and my baby girl Lila is due in July.


lil-miss-saunders - March 2



Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 2

I will say congrats, but I will also say you should have waited...you have no idea what you are in for, especially at 15. Maybe if you got pregnant on protection or something but I say its selfish getting pregnant so young and you can't even get a good job yet. Just do your best and know that a baby isn't as pleasant as you may think. Waking up all hours of the night, you NEVER being able to go out and do things. EVERYONE paying attention to the baby and not you because your a Mom and nobody really gives any attention to teen moms anymore...you will get a ton of people looking down at you because you actually planned a baby at 15. Then all the money...do you know doctors visits can total to about 2, 200 and then you still have to pay of the whole delivery that can be up to 4,000 dollars. Then all that baby stuff...diapers is like 20-40 dollars a WEEK. Formula if you don't b___stfeed...even if you do maybe you can't lactate and have too. Which is about 40-50 a week. then all the clothes is about 3,000 a year because they will always grow out of them. Not to mention you need the car seat, well you should have actually waited until you were able to drive a car on your own. But that may be on hold cause no one wants to take a baby to the DMV, the wait is way to long. Your education very well may go down the drain and your stuck at a fast food restaurant but that only gets you so far. You need a babysitter. But I bet you will rely on people to do all this for you. I say it is EXTREMELY sad to if you get government help and rob those other teens who actually need it and didn't plan to get pregnant and leave everyone else here paying for a baby that you had planned. So not fair to everyone else all because you think you are a big girl...I'm sorry but I am going to be honest and everyone can yell at me and I don't care. I'm tired of all these girls thinking its cool to have a baby...having an ipod is cool, wanting a baby is just down right selfish and irresponsible...why, because you can't even support yourself


Noodle - March 2

Congratulations. I hope this is what you want. as you seem to wan this, try not to get fed up in the end. its hard, i was so fed up by the tme i couldnt walk properly and felt like sht enjoy your pregnancy because you will miss it once its over! when are you due. My daughter lilah was born 10th march 2006. its been a bumpy time like kasey said. but ive enjoyed every minute of it.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 2

Ok, for this post I have gotta apoligize...i read your post the moment a clueless girl came into my office talking about something similar to your situation and it just irritated me. But since its already done all you can do is hope all goes well. Disregard my other post...LONG DAY and very annoyed at my job.


Terio - March 2

Nerdy_Girl, everything you said was 100% true.


abriamiacadia - March 3

Congratulations and Good job, I'm 17 and wish I wouldnt have had s_x. I'm not fully mature and responsible yet. If you planned the baby, your DEFINATELY not mature and responsible... or anything your screwed over. 20 bucks says he doesnt stick around. Thats just how it goes. But Good Luck anyways!


hello - March 3

I thought i would have a browse in here for a change.... I hope this is fake cause being a mum in my 30's all i can say is i am sorry for your choice.... way too young and you havent even lived yet...i hope you take care of this baby and not get frustrated with him or her later due to your decision...... good luck


hello - March 3

Just to add sometimes when i read it seems like some people think babies r dolls, they most certainly arent


aaron17 - March 3

congradulations!..im 15 too... not to be nosey but what to you and your boyfriends parents think about you having your baby..best of luck!


csted1 - March 3

Sorry about the name change. I forgot my pa__sword. My bf and me told his parents first and then told mine. They were all mad but we are happy. My dad threw me out so I moved in with my bf. I go see a dr on Tues. Are you preg. aaron17?


babyonboard16 - March 5

Congratulations, you probably have just gotten yourself into a life full of more struggles than you can even count. I'm 16 yes and I am pregnant, but jesus christ I wasn't trying. Honestly I'm not trying to insult you but I don't think you've used the best judgement in the world, and I think that you may regret it later.


Meagan18 - March 5

do you regret it babyonboard?


Zinnia - March 5

Why on earth would you TRY to have a baby at 15 while being completely dependend on your parents yourself?!? Do you see this as being selfish. Children deserve the best when possible, they deserve to be planned, provided and prepared for. Maybe you should have asked your parents or your bfs parents if they wanted to raise another child...


Skyeblue - March 5

Children like you make me simply angry. You are ignorant, selfish, immature (not your fault), and yet you act and want to be treated like an adult. Grow up.


lunamoo - March 5

Okay I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Tell us why you are excited. Tell us how or what you have done to prepare for this baby. Surely you have done quite a bit of planning since you were "trying" for a baby.



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