FYI About The Abortion Pill

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"There are so many things than can go wrong with the Abortion Pills. There can be bleeding serious enough for transfusions to be needed. There is also a serious risk of infection. Woman or girls with certain conditions & or blood clotting shouldnt take it because it would put them at risk. Plus, you should know that it requires 2-3 visits to the Doctor in order to complete the abortion with the pills., & it's not 100% effective.If it doesnt work, the girl will then have to have an emergency "surgical" abortion anyways.because once you opt for the Abortion pills route, you can't change your mind.If it doesnt work it's not like you can just say, okay...I will go ahead & have the baby, no, because the Doctor will then have perform a surgical abortion because the pills cause major birth deffects. I would suggest reading up on it some more & doing research. Just a thought!


nancy - August 1

I don't beleive in birth control.Or abortion. Everyone should space children naturally. Then we wouldn't have these issues.


dftr - August 1



shorty - August 2

Thanks babe for sharing that with us, its good to know the risks that are involved. I am against the whole thing but it sheds some light for those who may consider it. ta xoxo


brucen - August 2

HEAVY BLEEDING IS POSSIBLE BUT EXTREMELY RARE. In about ONE OF EVERY 100 women the BLEEDING BECOMES HEAVY ENOUGHT TO REQUIRE A SURGICAL PROCEDURE to stop it. It's true the is not 100% effective, the PROCEDURE is 95%-97% EFFECTIVE. These drugs are not just pa__sed out, you do have to give an accurate medical history. If your going to post facts why not do them as accurately as possible? You obviously took the time to look them up. Check out these pages to get ALL THE FACTS. Copy and paste into address bar. Better yet, look it up for yourself!



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