FYI I Got Pregnant Quot Pulling Out Quot So Girls Heads Up

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skinnyminny - May 12

Just a heads up to any girls out there who think the method works. We've been doing it for over a year that way but most of the time we use spermicide also. Basically, don't risk it. My fiance has never accidently pulled out too late, or anything and I am still quite pregnant. So girls, beware. I know it feels better "natural" but that is also the way God intended people to make babies so beware. At LEAST use spermicide (if it isnt a commited relationship where you have both been tested, USE A CONDOM) if you want to do it that way. Withdrawal alone definately DOES NOT WORK.


young_mum_2_b - May 12

you know....most girls should be aware that no birth control method s 100%!! unless u go get a hysterectomy! i fell pregnant on the pill, condoms break, the there is always a risk that it may not work, my aunty fell pregnant with the implant in her own mother fell pregnant with my little brother when she had her tubes tied!! so girls...use as much protection as u can..double up everytime!! sorry skinnyminny...just wanted to add that bit...congrats on pregnancy btw


maranda - May 12

yea tell me about it .....we ''pulled out'' and im 7 weeks. that doesnt work at all sperm is sperm. oh this one will get you-it was a week after i ovulated so you can also get pregnant if you have s_x after ovulation.


KatieJ - May 14

Hello, this isn't my account but it's my sisters...i do not have one. But i was just wondering, i have used the pull out method a lot of times and i've never gotten pregnant, but i used it about a week ago, and now after hearing this i'm a bit scared. I mean i know it was always a chance, i knew it was risky doing that, i guess just hearing someone say that makes you listen up a bit more then just thinking it for yourself.


maranda - May 14

yea will you most certainly can. if you dont want a baby strap up or or go get some pills. but still use a condom cause std's go fast!


midnight_drift - May 15

Use pills!!!! If not that, at least use a condom! And when you take the pill, make sure to take it EVERY DAY at the SAME TIME! Trust me! Because even on the pill, I got pregnant. If you are going to switch pills, after being on one for a LONG time, I suggest waiting about a month on the new kind even, because guess what, I took the pill everyday, and well, now I am 2 and a half months!



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