Gender Selection Scam Or Not

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Cassie06 - July 11

What is everyone's thoughts on this? I am 36 weeks pregnant with my first child, a boy. I really wanted a girl, but now I am so thrilled to have a boy first, so if I have a girl she will have a big brother to protect her! My husband and I have decided we want 1 more child (I wanted 4 until I actually became pregnant, no way I could do this that many more times!!) and I have always wanted a little girl! We arent planning on ttc #2 again for about 3 years, but I couldnt sleep the other night and was looking online and found some sites about gender selection, and I really dont see how they could work, although I find them fascinating, especially if they would work! It said something about 4 dates during the month you would conceive a boy, and 4 days you would conceive a girl. You had to find one of those dates for whichever gender you wanted during the time you were ovulating, and then you would produce the gender you wanted. The site sounded very professional and had tons of testimonials, but I cant help but be skeptical. What are y'alls thoughts?


Emma2 - July 11

Hi Ca__sie, Gender selection is not exactly a scam nor is it scientifically proven. They claim that sperm containing female chromosones are slower but stronger , while male sperm are quicker but weaker. They say in order to concieve a girl you must have s_x prior to Ovulation (between cd 10-12) and to stop at that! For a boy they claim having s_x on the day of ovulation. This is like I said above due to the female being able to live longer and if you stop at cd 12 then the male will have died causing you to concieve and little girl and vice versa for the male. But remember not PROVEN*** yet.


Ca__sie06 - July 11

Ok! I just hadnt decided if it was worth it yet or not. Its kind of expensive, not a lot, but its like $150 to get a 1 year calendar, and I really didnt want to waste that much money on it if it was proven not to work! (I dont have a clue why I am even thinking about this! I cant stand being pregnant and cant wait to have this baby! Why I want to put myself through this again is beyond me! I dont understand this motherly love thing yet, I have it, but I dont get it! lol)


Emma2 - July 11

LOL, its called instincts. You dont need to buy the calendar dear. You can use one on for free. If you decide to have another (im sure you will). I agree pregnancy is not exactly the most appealing state but its worth it when your baby comes......GL girl.



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