GENUINE TRYING TO CONCIEVE TEENS 17 18 Quot Quot Quot Part 2 Quot Quot Quot

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Angel - November 7

hey i just thought i'd start a new thread because the last one was getting way to long. Lets tart a fresh one without abuse please :) Newbies Welcome x


Sparkle - November 7

Hey Angel, good idea, getting a bit annoying having to scroll all the way down all the time! No abuse please! You'll only be ignored!


rachel - November 7

thats better i was sick of scrolling down all that way


CAROL - November 7

Oh, ladies, calm down. Just ignore the interloper.


Angel - November 7

Hey carol, nice of you to pop by, how are you? What age r u carol?


grow up - November 7

please kids at 17 18 your still a kid yourself and are acting like a real little one thinking you can have a baby


Angel - November 7

hey rachel and spark, how did ur evenng go? Myself and dp are having an early nite tonight, im so tired. Af is really hitting me hard this month. Just thought i'd drop in to let you girls know i finally got my clearblue fertility monitor and some sticks. This monitor is supposed to be near enough the best on market, its coming all the way from america though so ill be waiting for weeks! I'm off to bed, speak to you ladies tmrw :) x


rachel - November 8

morning girls, well i made an appointment to go to the docs on friday and get summit to start my af, then getting down to some serious baby grow up going read the other post first b4 u judge us........angel that website is they re quite cheap but ask ur doc first plzxxxxxxxxbaby dust to all of usxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Angel - November 8

morning rachel, good on you for making your doctors appt, it's the starting point fo you and dp :) I did check ou that site but i am goin to speak to the doctors when i got back in jan. She is alright my doctor and because I'm still a student, i won't have to pay for my prescription of it, if i get it. Got some beautiful things through the post today for her/him. Dp was happy. Well better go and get some rest, not had enough recently. Speak to you soon x


to Rachel - November 8

what do you mean by "get summit to start my af" ?


CAROL - November 8

I'm 15, ladies, and currently incubating my first child. I was recently like you all, trying to get pregnant. I ended up using other methods, which I believe "got the job done".


... - November 8

such as what


CAROL - November 8

Good old fashioned turkey basting, believe it or not. I was doing that, plus regular intercourse, and one of them hit the jackpot.


../ - November 8

i dont ge the turkey basting thing, i dont know wot a turkey baster is, wot r u tlakin about


CAROL - November 8

Do a search on the internet for "turkey basters", or better yet, as your mom or Grandma. Basically, you use it to inseminate yourself.


Angel - November 8

hey carol, when are you due ? what age is your man?


rachel - November 8

how long were u trying for carolxx



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