Genuine Trying To Concieve Teens 18 PART 6

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Jodie86 - May 17

Sorry girlies, i was just so sick of scrolling all the way down!!!!!!


EricaLynn - May 17

Wahoo, number 1 right here ladies! I hope every one is doing well and not feeling to sick. Jodie be sure and let us know how everything turns out to you. Good luck to all!


angel_eyes88 - May 18

Hi there girls,,, this may be a suprise, it's angel, the one who started the threads form number 1 lol I just popped by to see how you are all doing? I will update you guys soon, Im glad everything is going so well and we have newbies, missd u girls loads! x x


Jodie86 - May 19

Hey angel, how are you? Where have you been???? I don't think i've spokent o you since around Christmas time! I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant, and it seems to be going ok, minus a few problems, would love to get an update from you, as i'm sure the other girls would too! Baby dust xxxx


Jodie86 - May 19

You may think this is really wierd, but it's just REALLY hit me that i'm having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's only taken 6 weeks of knowing! lol :-)


EricaLynn - May 23

Hey ladies how is everyone doing?Im okay, a little nausious and very very tired. Also stressed out because of school and my fire cla__s, both are almost done however I have make up work for both, I feel a bit over loaded. Hope you are all well. Keep in touch.


linzee - May 24

hey girls! im 15 weeks today! things have been going pretty good. the ms is still there but not as bad. ive been busy packing and all that. we were suppose to be moving to indiana, but found out the DH's orders might change, and we will either stay here, or move to north carolina, california, or even freakning out about japan. i dont want to be so far away from all our family and friends when we have the baby!! i have my next appointment at 17w3d so im hoping to find out the s_x than!


Jodie86 - May 24

I've just found out that i have my heart scan on the 27th of June!!!!! So there obviously not that worried about it!!!! I feel like i can finally bond with my baby now i know that i'm not only a week away from being out of the scary stage and my first scan, but also that i know i'm now more likely to be taking a baby home after all this!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean the likelyness of them turning round to me now and saying that my heart can't cope with the pregnancy has totally dropped! Especially when then I'll be almost 16 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! And it's my birthday on Sunday! So i have even more to be happy about!!!!!


Ddvinson3 - May 24

Hey Girls! How is everyone! I'm new to this thread. I'm 20 and now 22 wks 5 days. I'm glad to see everyone is doing well. Hope y'all have a great day!


EricaLynn - May 24

Hey girlios! Hope all is well, Jodie I am so happy for you! Omg you must be so excited!!! So I was thinking today, and in a few days Ill be 10 weeks pregnant, my pregnancy is already 1/4 OVER! Holy cow! And Im now only two weeksm away from being done with the first trimester and the miscarrage scare and all of that. I feel like its serious insanity, I only have 3/4 of my pregnancy left, weird!!!! And exciting, this 10 weeks seemed to go by fast, and in 10 more weeks Ill be half done! CRAZY! And omg I feel like a pig Im ALWAYS hungrey and my lower abdoman is like poochy and hard kinda, its weird. Im going to start showing soon I can tell, does any one else feel like they are always eating? And or having WEIRD craving, peanut b___ter and pickle sandwiches, omg they are sooo goooood. Anyway congratualtions to Jodie and welcome to Ddvinson3 ! Good luck all!


MystinaAlise - May 25

lol @ EricaLynn... dont feel bad about being happy when i was ten weeks i was counting everyday waiting to get closer to that 12 week mark... im 18 weeks today and i find out june 13th (my step brothers 21st birthday) if im having a boy or a girl... (i promise as soon as i can get online ill let you know) i got the blankets and stuff for the crib the other day... i cried when i saw it because some stuff just hits me like... omg im gunna have a baby... you would think i would have adjusted to the idea by now right... sorry it takes so long for me to respond we just moved and dont have the internet at the house yet :'( its killing me... but guess what i just got a kick a__s job and me and my BD are looking at houses so we can move back in together before i have the baby... hope everyone is doing good and baby dust to everyone who still needs it...


Rachel_Adam - May 26

hey gurls. long time no speak. well am 17 weeks now and i feel like a whale i am huge i m normally a size 8 so from the back i look normal then i turn around and ppl are like omg coz i ve got a big bump. i m nearly half way through my pregnancy and it feels like its dragging, i hope the next half flys by. i felt the baby kick yesterday for the first time its the craziest feeling in the world, i was lying in the bath and felt it. me and dp spent the rest of the night lying on the sofa waiting for it to happen again. it hasnt yet. only a couple of weeks then got my next scan i cant wait to find out what i m having. congrats jodie u must be thrilled bowt ur heart scan they would have got u in straight away if they were worried. just chill out and enjoy hunni. happy birthday for sunday. omg angel it seems like 4ever since spoke to u. how u doing r ya preggas yet???? let us know chick.... erica i m addicted to banana s nd crakers & my latest one is cheese crisps diped in salsa. i used to hate salsa. well good luck to u all and lets keep eachother updated x x x x x x x


EricaLynn - May 29

Hey ladies I was just using the rest room, and when I peed it was kind of red when I was done....however I was wearing red underwear and some times the die can make it look that way, but none of my discharge has been red. It was just when I peed and it was just a tint, barely noticable, should I be worried!?!?! Im 10 weeks pregnant and Id really like to stay that way.


Jodie86 - June 1

Hey, sorry haven't been on in a while, been off work for my birthday! I'm 20 now! Erica, i've just read your post, i know it was a few days ago, but i hope everythings ok hunnie! Let me know won't you! I'll be thinking of you!


Jodie86 - June 2

OH MY GOD!!!! I just phoned my doctors as now I'm 12 weeks nearly 13 i wanted to know why i hadn't heard from my midwife yet, so i phoned, and she said she had just that second finished writing a letter to me to arrange an appointment! How strange is that???? So now i have my first midwife appointment next Thursday at 10am!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Which means I'll be having my scan soon!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EricaLynn - June 11

Hey ladies! Havent heard from anyone for a while....Im doing just fine now. I am just 12 weeks now and Im just starting to show....I just feel fat now mom and I went shopping at jcpenny and got some preggo lady pants. I have my next apointment in four days, yay! Anyway ladies write back I want to know how everyone is doing.


EricaLynn - June 11

PS My boyfriend and I just got engaged. Im very excited because I love him very much. I think we are going to get married after the baby is born....but yeah Im really excited....YAY



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