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Angel - November 21

hey girls, yet another new thread to start, it's great your all here to support each other through the waiting...the Questions... and the confusion!....Rachel , good morning, I dont know if i've ovulated or not yet either! Pretty confused as im spotting today!! And its only CD 18 i think. Hope its implantation bleeding - but as usual it probably won;t be! Dp and I are great as ever, we had a really good weekend at my sisters house - we had dinner with her and her partner etc etc. Just woke up, taking the day off mum was in hosp last night she's really ill. Just going back in half an hour to see how she's doing. U working today? Pretty stressed had no sleep. Do u have any allergies to anything? I was just wondering cuz i have loads of skin problems, hoping our baby doesnt inherit them. Also as I've said before my dp's mum is black and his dad is white so he has nice tanned-looking skin. I come from a fully white background. My mum told me last week that apparently the baby could have darker skin like Dp or his mum, because it normally falls every 2nd generation or something? What u think? That would be really nice though :-) speak to u soon ahve to go !! x x x


rachel - November 22

hey angel, just came on and found the new thread well i am nearly finished work 15mins to mates baby s dad is half inidan and there aby is a total lush colour hes beautiful- i am his god mother, well ave nearly finished ma xmas shoppin now my loft is full of stuff for the kids so is my bedroom and they keep going in and having a look...i hope ur mom is ok!! (((big hug for u)))) i dont have any allergies neither does dp- sumone told me yesterday that egg whites was good for trying to conceive but u have to make sure u ont get any of the yolk in or u l get an infection think i might try it if i dont bet a bfp this month still havent o d yet like x x x chat soon x x x


Angel - November 22

hey rachel, thats great to hear you're a God mother, it's such an honour. Good on you for finishing your xmas shopping, now you can sit back relax and finally TTC easier. Thanks for your kind words about my mother, any support helps. I definetly won't get a bfp because my af is here again. I thought it could have been implantation bleeding but af won't go away! Been here for 3 days now on CD 17 now - i double checked last night. Looking forward to havin gmy monitor to check ovulation. Speak to u soon. I would stay away from the egg whites :S ~*~*baby duist and prayers~*~*~


To Angel - November 23

I hope you are trying the natural way. If so, I hope you get what you are after. Make sure it's what you want, though. I had my first when I was 23 and it was stinkin' hard! And, there was only one baby and two parents! And it was still hard! It's really only the first year that is soooo hard, after that it's pretty fun. So good luck and make sure you have the best support you can come up with, you will need it!!!


Sparkle - November 23

Hello everyone! Well, just finished reading thruogh all the posts i missed, and theres a lot to catch up on! How are you all doing? I had a brilliant break! dp wasn't very well for most of it, so was looking after him, but it was very relaxing! Well my af is due friday, and no signs of her arrival, so fingers crossed! What stage of the month are you all at? I really hope this will be the month for us all! millions and millions of pieces of baby dust sent your way!


rachel - November 23

hey gurls, welcom back spark i am on cd 15 and havent O d yet still testing everyday ooooh i hope af doesnt come for u...summit has to happen for one of us soon....hopefully..well gotta go we are doing a promotion at woork for badger beers and i have to pretend to be a badger on the phone its funny speak to u s both sooon xxxxxxx


Sparkle - November 23

Hey, I can feel my self getting impatient now! I'm tyring to relax though! Well AF is due friday, I'm now 7dpo, and my b___bs are starting to get a bit sore, but they normally get like this, I've been really dizzy today as well, is that a sign of anything? Im a bit confused though, mainly because of my period last month, but i think my cycle is 24 days, but it's been 28 sometimes, so if i treat it like it's 28 days, then it won't be until monday! Oh, so confusing! I'm just trying not to stress my self out! Angel, how you doing? So you've just started your AF again then? Hope your all well! xxx


Angel - November 23

good morning girls. Thank you to whoever wrote to me above, it is definetly what myself and my dear partner want. Hey sparkle, welcome back, its good that you had a great time, i hope dp gets better soon. Rachel you sound like your in for a mad day at work!! Hope none of our next AF's arrive! My ovulex arrived today - i go 2 bottles of 60 tabs- 2 months supply. Most people apparently only use 3 months at the max. to get preg did you know that?............I'm on CD 4 now, my last period was 17days!! that's why i thought it was implantation. WE'll see how long this cycle lasts. Rachel when are you taking your ovulex?


Sparkle - November 24

Morning all! How is everyone today? I read these statistics today saying that 50% of women get pregnant in the first 3 months of trying 75% in the first 6 months and 90% in the first year! I'm hoping to be in the 50%! But it does give you hope! I'm really feeling my hormones today! My b___bs are starting to get sore now, so I'm a__suming that af is around the corner! I've got a boring day ahead of me at work, so just looking forward to getting home tonight! Hopefully its going to be snowing soon! It's cold enough! How lovely would it be to have a white Christmas? 4 days til AF is due! The big countdown!


Amanda - November 26

Hey Angel and everyone else! Sorry i havent been on lately ive been really really busy! AF was suppose to come today but didnt show so maybe ill get lucky this month! Hope everyone else is doing wonderful!


Angel - November 28

hey girls. long time no speak! I recieved my clearblue monitor and test sticks today! Can only start the monitor with the next cycle though.I'm on cycle day 8, hopefully ioll O in the next few days. Would be great if i concieved this month without the need of the monitor but dont think i will because of dp's low sperm. We are going to try with the monitor for 6 months and if nothing happens then, then we will be going to the docs, as it says on the instructions.Its so good though because i dont have to chart my temps or anything like that as the montiro reads, hormone levels etc from the urine sticks. DP bought a suit the other day, was lovely. We finally move into our appt on the 23rd of december. I can't wait, it's only rented though until we find a decent house. How is everyone else doing? What cycle day are you on? Any feelings changed - as in body-wise. I felt really sick this morning but i dont think it was in relation to pregnancy, even though i had a period on day 16 last time!!


misti - November 29

hey girls i havent been on in a while ive been buisy still no baby have any of u had luck?


Laura - November 29

Hey, I was just surfing the internet and came across this site. I'm 19 years old, just married a month ago. My dh and I just started ttc. He's 22 with a secure job. He doesn't want me working, but I enjoy it so I just work at a local clothing store for fun. We're both very family oriented and are hoping to have a little one on the way soon. I've been pretty nauseous and had some interesting cm (I'll spare you the details). I'm planning on testing in four days. I wish you all the best of luck!


Angel - November 29

hey misti and laura - welcome ! Misti I've had no luck either dp is booking an appt tmrw at the docs to get some sperm a___lysis done. Hopefully the test we have done were wrong! and he is ok! - but we'll see , i'm slightly excited just to know what the heck is wrong with us lol Laura I'm 18 and my dp is 20, we have been ttc for 8 montsh since i came of the bcp and waiting to find out whats wrong! Have you been on the pill or anything?


Laura - November 29

Angel- I'll be praying for you and your dp to receive normal test results! I've never been on any sort of birth control or fertility pills. I was a virgin until I was married, and since then haven't even used a condom!


Angel - November 30

hey laura, thank you, you are in my prayers too along with the other girls on here too. Most couples take between 6-8 months apparently, i think it just varies. do u get normal af's?


Victoria - December 2

Hello, it seems as though everyone else is giving their opinions on this post, so i thought i would too. Firstly can i just say that some of your young ladies on here are very mature, and it seems like you all know what you want, and are doing this in a safe way. I wish you all the best of luck, and hope all your dreams come true. I wish more teen's were like you, researching, knowing their bodies, knowing the ins and outs of everything their getting into! So good luck! xx



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