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stars_bri09 - October 22

if my boyfriend does drugs can i still get pregnate


inuk-mama - October 22

why would you want to get pregnant when your bf does drugs? Sorry just doesn't seem like the best of circ_mstances


kendra.marie - October 22

yah sounds pretty bad, & since you dont know the answer to your own question maybe you should wait?!


kay101 - October 22

Yes, and I hope you aren't trying to get pregnant. Just because you don't do drugs, doesn't mean the damage he's doing to his own sperm won't effect the baby. Would you want a child born deformed or with a deminished mental capacity? Use protection.


HeavenisMine - October 23

Yes you can, I have two neices, one came from two parents who both did drugs.


GimmeaBub - October 24

I know a couple who both did drugs when they got pregnant, however they are now finding it hard to look after there baby girl and pay for their drug habit, is your bf prepapred to give up? Any kind of drug or smoking can diminish sperm count in men, and choke the baby. To be honest, i wouldnt be thinking about having a baby until your bf's drug habits have been curved, sorry hun, no meaning to be rude, but please think of the child and not yourself. Baby Juice


lady jane - October 24

um yea u can still get pregnant but y would you want to get pg by someone who does drugs? Dont see that relationship lasting...


Kitalj07 - October 24

Yeah it's possible, but your baby could have defects or not even make it at all... Why would you ant that!


erenimi - October 24

You can, but you really shouldn't.


jennifer_33106 - October 24

I coul be wrong but I didnt see anywhere where she said she was actively ttc. Like I said I may be wrong but I think there are so many fake posts out there about teens ttc that we have a hard time filtering out the fakes from the real ones. She may have just been inquiring. :)


GimmeaBub - October 25

I see your point Jen, I suppose i just saw it as she has come onto a teen forum asking if her bf's drug habit will effect her chances of pregnancy, Sorry it's hard not to jump to conclusions every now and then lol.


R__ - November 17

yes it is still possible, but as far as i know it does make it harder to conceive but you are able to get pregnant yes.


GiannaJ - November 19

You can definately still get pregnant and it does not make it harder to conceive. Believing that it does may make it less likely for you to be careful and use birth control each time you have s_x, so please know that your boyfriend doing drugs does not prevent you from getting pregnant and if you are intimate, you should be extra careful when protecting yourself. If you were to accidentally fall pregnant, it could be very harmful for the baby.



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