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TLKchic13 - June 4

Ive been wit my boyfriend off and on for a few years. Im 19 and he wants to have a baby, but i just now finished my freshman year in college. Im not sure wat 2 do????


young_mum_2_b - June 4

i say you just answered your own question, your not sure what to do coz i dont think ur ready....i've been with my bf for nearly two years and now have an unplanned pregnancy (i'm due 1st July), i wasn't ready for a baby but adoption and abortion just weren't an option, you still have a choice...if ur not sure i dont think ur ready so i think you should tell him still have plenty of time for a baby and so does he...wait a while


Confussed - June 5

young mum 2 b is right yu dont feel ready dont do it... havin a baby is hard work and if yu nd yur bf r on and off then how dyu kno he will stck around


midnight_drift - June 5

If you're unsure about what you want to do, you really need to set everything out right. You need to look at your priorities, if you are financially stable, and mentally stable. If you aren't ready, don't say yes!


TLKchic13 - June 5

thanx yall....No i know he'll stick around its just becuz of all the things we been thru and what he does for me....has both helped us be more mature, BUT i kno being just 19 my parents would kill me...and it seems like everywhere i go (i work in a hospital) i see babies and i really want one!!! But i dont kno how id tell my parents!...Plus this mite be weird but whens the BEST TIME 2 get pregnant??!?


Atarahsmommy - June 5

If you don't know then I don't think your ready, I found out I was pregnant a few days before my 20th birthday, but I had been trying and I had been married for 9 months, it was what we wanted, I think there should be an order to things, get married, have s_x and then have a baby, people get these things in the wrong order and then they wonder why there are so many screwed up kids in split families. If your commited enough to get married then your commited enough to have a baby


dezzydoo18 - June 5

well i am not into the order thing because i am having my first baby at 19 and me and my fiancee are not married. we did go ahead and buy i new home and we are financially stable with both of our jobs, but of course this was not planned at all. we were going to get married before we found out but now we are more concerned about our baby, so we will get married next april, but if you feel like you are not ready i suggest that u dont even try. even though we have high paying jobs and a house of our own there were so many other things that we wanted to do before we settled on having a child. so it is all up to you and how you will be able to handle things. if you need anyone to talk to you can im me at dezzydoo18 with aol or yahoo. i hope everything works out for you!!!


kenodra - June 6

do what your heart tells you. dont do what anyone else says or wants for you. make choices on your own. not about what you want. alot of women on this site will talk c___p to you and say c___p but dont listen im 17 and pregnant and i didnt plan on it, it happened. and im really glad it did because i dont think god would give you the opportunity to haev a baby if you couldnt do it. it might be hard but i bet you could. any questions ask! kendra


Bebita_Linda - June 6

do ir for your self and it has been an off and on relationship


iandiara - June 7

if you are not ready then don't do it because just cuz he want one now that don't mean he's going to stay with you after you have a baby thats somthing you should think about because 85% of boyfriend and girlfriend who have a baby don't stay together


Blackeye - June 8

Im 19, and i have beed with my boyfriend for 4 1/2 years no...i realy want to be a mum..But to finish school, and getting an education is the most important right no...You have so many years to have a baby. School and work comes first.


jamie-lynn1988 - June 8



wyckedli - June 11

Im 19 and 3months preg. My bf and I started trying for a baby From we first started goin. THe best time for you to get preg is when u feel that you are ready and that you can take care of your child no matter what situations may arise.


pinkbo0tlace - June 17

i had a daughter when i was 17 & I am now 19 and 4 months pregnant. When I'm 20 I will have a two year old and a 4 month old. Agree'd, both were "oops"'s and the fathers BOTH ran off. I was engaged to the last one, we were going to get married three months before he left me because i would not have an abortion. Let me tell you this, Things happen, and you deal with it the way you want to. Abortion, Adoption, Parenting. Even if someone is against abortion, it's truley up to the women. So, having my children was my choice, even though they were huge suprizes and the fathers are jerks! It's another thing to PLAN a child though. Don't plan a child until YOU are ready. Your boyfriend may want a child but hunny, even though he might be supportive, just remember if he books its on you. Just really think it through hard and clear. Financially, emotionally, mentally, physically. All of it is work - Just make sure you are truley ready :)


Abigail - June 23

If your boyfriend really loves you then he'll understand that you need time. It's great that you're in college. I wish I had made it that far but I didn't. I just turned 19, I graduated May 2005 and I am now 28 weeks pregnant. I don't regret it I just wish I had waited a little longer. I always wanted to go to college for a couple of years so I could get a good education and have fun, of course, before settling down. But life didn't turn out that way. Think about it, it's a huge decision, it changes your life completely. Do you want to finish college? We know your boyfriend wants a baby...but what do YOU want? Has he proposed? Do you 2 live together? Does he have a good job? Are you both financially stable enough to bring a child into this world and pay bills at the same time? There are too many questions to ask. I don't know what came over me, most of my answers were "no" but I did it anyway. And it's a struggle if you're not ready. Think about it, it'll change your life.


lilmomma88 - June 24

Dont listen to anyone, exept yourself. Deep down you will know the right choice for you. 19 is still pretty young to have a baby, but you are an adult and can make your own decisions. Here are a few things to think about: Obviously you don't know if your emotionally stable enough to have a baby, or you wouldn't be on here asking. But are you physically and financially stable? Will you have to rely on your parents at all? Is your body finished developing? I'm 17 and next month my boyfriend and I will have been together 2 years, we have an unplanned baby coming on monday (being induced at 41 weeks!) and we couldn't be happier now.. but months ago our feelings were alot different. We're still living with my parents and are going to have to rely on them financially and emotionally alot. Just think about it, and you will know what's best for you, and if you want to wait, tell your boyfriend. If he loves you, he'll understand. You've got years ahead to have a baby. If your ready though, go for it. Just remember it's harder than you think! Good luck



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