GF Is 13 Week Prego

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soon2bedaddy - January 15

Help. I want to do the right thing for my GF. She is 15 and I am 16. we had s_x 9 times when she got prego. She told me not to wear a condum because she had taken care of the birth control. She said she had been on the pill for 6 months and even showed me the thing with the pills in it. What she did not tell me was that she was not taking the pill any longer and wanted me to make her prego. I need some advise on what to do.


lil-miss-saunders - January 16

I think your girlfriend was out of order doing that! Im sorry but its not fair at all! On the other hand, you should of made sure that you protected yourself 100%! Anyway, its happend now, the best thing you can do is take care of your baby and girlfriend but more importantly the baby! Have you got a job to help earn money to help support your baby? That could be your first step! You have both made this baby and now you both have to grow up very fast! I hope everything goes well in the future!


Rob - January 16

Well 1, you know not to trust her.. 2, shes stupid and she will realize that in a while. But anyway.. on what to do, well you aint got much choice about that you gotta stick by your baby. Even though she tricked you the baby is still your responsibility. My gf tricked me into it too. We are back together and our daughter is 1 yr old, but it aint been an easy ride AT ALL. She suffered with PPD real bad and started hitting me and wouldnt go near our daughter. She got help and things are going well now, we gettin married in march :) Jus be prepared and try and support her as much as you can, shes betrayed you but arguing about it now is pointless, the baby is so much more important and needs some stability. Get reading up on childcare. My msn is giddyuplad at if u ever need a talk


maren - January 16

wow honeslty girls like that make me sick! she doesnt know what she has got her self into. Whatever you do dont feel obligated to stay with her because she is having your baby. She obviously can not be trusted because she lied about something big granted you probably should have used a condum to but i cant bash me and my BFwere on the pill and didnt use condums. But if babies are planned they should be planned by BOTH partners not ONE which is what she did. If i was you I would be there for the baby but not her but it is your decision. If she could lie about taking a pill so that she could get pregnant what else could she lie about? Maybe you to will work it out maybe you wont but be a man and be there for your child they deserve it!! When its born do the standard get a DNA test to be sure unless there is no doubt in your mind then you all can sort out the legal things



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