GF Is Pregnant

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soon2bedaddy - January 16

I had s_x with my gf. She told me that I did not need to wear a condum as she was safely on the pilland had been for six months. She even showed me the pill dispenser. So being a guy I didn't use a condum and came in her every time we had s_x. Now she tells me she is preggo and she wanted to have my baby so she never took the pill. I want to do what's right but don't know what that is can you give some ideas on what to do. What do you want the father of your babies to do?


Julie23 - January 16

Well it's too late for thinking now! that was horribly dishonest of her! You should always use a condom even if the pill is used. did you see the positive pregnancy test? Until you do don't have s_x without a condom with her. Altho if she's telling you she's pregnant she probably is.. just make sure tho. how old is she?


ash2 - January 16

I agree with julie. I would make her take the test in front of you and make sure it is positive. Then i would support her in her decision. Do not ask her to have an abortion. If neither of you are ready, you could always give it up for adoption. I hope you guys can work it out and is not the babies fault .


AbbiesMummyEm - January 17

Not been funny but why do you keep posting this question? You've already got some replies.. why not acknowledge them?


CAROL - January 17

If you were having unprotected s_x with your GF whether you realized it or not, you could have gotten her pregnant. However! I have know a girl who was able to get a positive pregnancy test from a friend who was, showed it to her BF and pretended to be pregnant for a few months. She even went so far as to shoving face cloths down the front of her shirt/pants to create a fake belly. To find out for sure, since she has lied to you already about the BC, do have her pee on a stick infront of you. If it comes up positive, congrats, you're now a dad. But she has decieved you in the past and it wouldn't be surprising if she was doing it now.


babyonboard16 - January 18



lunamoo - January 18

Boy she sounds like a keeper!



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