Girl Names

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stacie - November 7

hi anyone have any original name for a girl? im having so much trouble finding a good one :( thnx


- - November 7

My daughetr's name is Arianna. I had trouble deciding too! I also liked Leilani, Amelia and Gianna. Now i'm having a boy and I can't decide as well, I don't want anything too poplar... good luck! ;-)


Samantha - November 7

Hey! If I have a girl her name will be Ava Michelle. I thought it was really pretty. Good Luck!


Fox - November 7

Hisamie, Shantia, Elisia, Lanate, Kelala Jahara, these are names I have thought off


Ca__sandra - November 7

I live in a pretty small town so i'm not sure how popular the name Jade is.. but i love that name for a girl. :) Good luck.


rachel - November 8

my friends baby is called tiarna jade


Liz - November 8

i love the names Kiana and Kieley (Kear-Lee)


M - November 8

my daughters name is Aniyah, i also like Amani, Amaya, Malaka, Kiely


Brittany - November 8

Im naming my daughter Ca__sidy, I was thinking about naming her Cameron but the daddy said its to boyish,so we chose Ca__sidy


Grace - November 9

Hey im ttc but if i have a girl i like the names skyler, isabelle, and Madison!


Bee - November 10

Adaliz, adaira, ysabelle, aitana, layla, nichelle, abrielle, and giana or gia. what you think for your baby girl?


jojo - November 10

M-dont call ur bby malaka it mean s wanker in greek xx chanese, tiarna i liked them my daughters name is kiera learna (lee-arna)


Emily - November 10

I like the name Jaden.


Kitty - November 11

How about something like Mitsuki? I like that one. It's one that isn't common in north America. Matoko or Ranko would work too


jes - November 11

im naming mine baby kadence ann....


Yes!! - November 11

Anya, Treya, Marihanna, Amara, Bretta, Jennica, Amethyst, Bianca, Serena, Dara/Dera, Giselle, Honor, Alessandra, Farah, Lucinda, Hyacinth, Nessa, Tresja, Xandra (Zandra), Zara. Good Luck. Do you likeany of these? Let us know what you come up with.


Ca__sie - November 12

I really like the names Sadie (say-dee), Madison, Kaydense, and Kaylee



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