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... - April 1

I'm 17. I have gotten five girls pregnant with my children. They all say I'm the only one they have been with. What should I do?


MOMMA2 - April 1



Cece - April 1

Well, first you should get DNA tests done to make absolutely sure that all five girls are pregnant with your baby. Then, if it turns out you fathered one, two, or even all of them, you need to own up to your responsibilities. I would suggest getting a job to help the mothers out...maybe if you show an effort and do help them, they won't take you to court for child support...but believe me, if you don't take responsibility, they can and most likely WILL take you to court for child support...then you will have to work extra hard...paying for your children and making money to live for yourself. A little advice though hun...try and use at least some form of birth that protects against gettig a girl pregnant, and one that prevents STD's. Good luck to you!


Gisella - April 2

do you actually believe him??


maya - April 2

no. he is lying. man whore


anon - April 7

ya better find a good paying job, you're going to be in debt up to your ears for the next 18 years!!! thats what happens when you act irresponsibly


katie - April 7

5 girls pregnant and no tht just aint rite...ur goin b payin alot of money out so gd luck to u and act more responible in future =D xxxkatie


Hey Stud - April 8

If you're for real, I think your life is about ova.....:-(


jada - April 9

you are funny. but this is not the place to be funny. sicko.


Mindy - April 11

yeah, right. You wish you could get 5 girls pregnant, but you neither have the looks nor the 'tool'


nunya - April 11

go to your local DNA testing facility and/ or go on Maury Povich. (I recommend 1st choice)


Kujun - July 13

If that is the case the only thing you can do is take responsibility for your child. A child is no child without their mother or father.



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