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Jennifer.13.UK - November 16

Hiya i have a question to ask, i want to have s_x now but i think my va___a maybe to small i read a story of a girl who had a thick layer of skin across the inside of her va___a and also had no womb im afraid that could happen 2 me because when i try to use a tampon it wont fit and it hurts puttin it in and out please help im afraid theres somthing wrong with me.


Hello - November 16

Ok I am not trying to bash you or anything, but I have a couple of questions. Why do you want to have s_x now? Do you know how to prevent STD's and pregnancy? If you answer those questions I WILL answer your questions honestly.


CAROL - November 16

There's nothing wrong with you. It is highly unlikely that you have no womb (but if you don't, that won't affect having s_x, it will affect getting pregnant). The layer of skin you're talking about is the hymen. Many women's hymen's are not in tact while they are virgins because they play sports etc., or just 'cause, even. Maybe you can't insert a tampon because you're not relaxing your muscles when you're trying to put it in. Sometimes a little vaseline on it will help you ease it in. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with you. Just be sure if you do have s_x to use protection everytime.


Wrong - November 16

DO NOT put vaseline in your v____a. If you do, you are asking for a nasty infection. Vaseline is not a personal lubricant and is not to be used as such. What you need to do is talk to your mom about your concerns and she should help you with the tampon issue.


Jennifer.13.UK - November 16

Yes i am very aware of how to use contraception and i want to have s_x with my boyfriend now because i feel its the time we did so thank-you for your suggestions/advice im really grateful


hello - November 16

carol does not have a clue what she is talking about, please do not listen to her, you are 13 watch movies with your boyfriend, go to the mall, study together...if your curious, please talk to your mother. I hope I helped.


Hello - November 16

Ok I said I would answer so here goes. Carol is right about the hymen and that jsut becasue you have does NOT mean you don't have a womb. She is a little off track with the vasline especially if you plan on using condoms as a contraceptive. Vasoline and latex the stuff condoms are made of don't mix. Vasoline breaks down the latex leaving holes so that it is possible to become pregnant or get an STD. I do think you should wait a while yet, if your boyfriend really loves you he won't pressure you. S_x is a huge step and so many times when we are young we don't make the best decisions. Would you be upset if after you had s_x he told everyone or called you dirty names? Would you be upset if he did not want to be your boyfriend anymore? You should also consider how long you two have been together, if it is a really short time, then he may not be the guy for you. I don't know if you know this so I am just going to say; don't let him talk you into putting it in "just for a minute" with out a condom. You can still become pregnant if he has "pre c_m". Guys don't even know when they do, so there is no way he could stop before it happened. I hope that you will use condoms in addition to birth control pills, but not just birth control pills alone. They only prevent pregnancy NOT disease. Please be careful AND resposible for yourself. Good Luck


Med Student - November 23

I hate to start off with this but, you are too young!!! Ok, that being said, the skin is probably your hymen. Have you ever heard the (yucky) saying "popped the cherry"? The hymen would be the cherry in question. The other condition that is possible is you may have a retroverted uterus. This means that your uterus is tilted backward (away from your belly) instead of forwards. This can cause insertion pain. If you are having trouble with tampons, please do not put anything on it that is oil-based. You will indeed be courting a nasty infection. And it does indeed weaken condoms, but chances are you will not see the weakness until it breaks during use. If you are set on having s_x (I hope you aren't) two or more forms of birth control are advisable. Also, if you are small enough that tampons hurt, s_x is really, really going to hurt! Think this through, I try to advise women not to have s_x with anyone they aren't prepared to be stuck with should the need arise, because it is a medical fact, s_x causes pregnancy!



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