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Anon. - June 10

Hi, I'm only 15 and pregnant and someone wh is experienced please tell me what it's like having a baby at such a young age.. how much does it usually cost a month? What are you able to do? How much does everything cost with everything/supplies? Tell me about it please. i don't care about the going out with friends part and not being able to do it.. plz just help me out. thanks


soleil - June 10

Well pregnancy sucked for me, i had bad morning sickness til i was well over 5 mo. plus every other discomfort that occured afterwards. Anyways its very expensive, well i had like 3 baby showers so i got a lot of clothes and almost everything i would need for my baby like her furniture and stroller and everything, i dont b___st feed her so i give her formula and a can of 1lb 9.7 oz is like $22 depends where u go, also similac sends me a check for 5 bucks off every months so that helps a tiny bit. She goes through a can a week for 4 weeks so its like about 88 a mo. I buy pampers cruisers for her now and a pack of 57 is like 14.99 and i buy those packs like every week so thats like $60 right there. Plus now i have to buy her cereal, and u know babies grow fast so you have to be buying them clothes all the time. Its hot all the time her and i dont really take her out so i use a lot of onesies. Doctors appts are expensive, her dad put her on his insurance but we still gotta pay part of it, her first bill of shots we had to pay the remaining i think it was 150? i dont remember but its expensive. You do the math, its expensive especially the furniture. I was lucky that people gave me most of that. You sure you dont care about going out with friends, I mean you are just 15 there will b one day when u just get frustrated and want to just go out and you wont be able to. BEST OF LUCK TO U!! How far along are you?


alisha - June 10

it is going to be hard for you. mostly everything out there cost a lot. you won't be able to do it on your own. i get W.I.C. checks thats cover the food part but it don't last long


~kat~ - June 10

my best friend had a baby at 16(just) and she managed just fine on her own,her daughter is now a beautiful 9 year old,im sure you'll be fine.good luck!


Ryan - June 10

It kinda sucks. I mean, Soleil is pretty much right about the cost of things. As far as the morning sickness, I would't know. I'm 15 too, and I have a 2 month old daughter named Leah. My Ex- girlfriend doesn't want to see Leah because she thinks she "too young" to raise a child. I would feel like c___p if I got a girl pregnant and just ran away, so I stayed. Raising a child is HARD work coming from a 15 year old who's used to doing nothing but hanging out with their friends. I still don't get any sleep. They cost a lot of money. I mean, I can barely go to school. And when I do, I'm late or have some report I didn't do to turn in. When Leah gets older, I'm going to beat the c___p out of any boy who even looks at her. Everyone thinks I'm so protective of her, but I'm always thinking about what if she falls out of her crib, and bumps her head on the ground, or her getting ran over and dying or something(even though she can't even walk yet). Leah hates to sleep, and Idon't have time for anyone BUT her. I'm constantly changing diapers. At first, I thought that being a parent was going to be all easy and smooth and stuff because I was just gonna have my ex doing all the changing diapers. But when she left, I was in for a Very rude awakening. If I regret anything, I regret not waiting until I was older to have her. If this is what single teen moms go through, then I kind of understand why you talk about us the way you do. I mean, I know some people are like"Well if she's so hard to take care of her, give her up for adoption." But the thing is, I wouldn't be able to. After 2 months, she's starting to grow on me. I know it'll get easier... in about 18 years.


soleil - June 11

wow ryan i give u props! thats good u are raising ur baby, what does ur ex's parents say about this? does she see the baby? Yup my daughter doesnt like to sleep, she takes cat naps, like ill see her sleeping so im like yey ima take a nap to but she wakes up like 5 min later. Im not in high school no more im in college but didnt go this summer semester cuz i simply cant go, i get so frustrated with her sometimes and the thought of just giving her up for adoption did cross my mind but i just couldnt. Shes my baby u know, she will be 5 mo. next thursday. Shes been so fussy lately she already has one tooth grown in, it grew last week and i think she is growing another one right next to it so shes been extremely fussy. But im glad that even if ur ex didnt want to take care of the baby, u stepped in, ur baby girl is gonna love u soo much. What do ur parents say, do they help u? Well good luck with everything.


dsghdh - June 11


for ryan - June 11

it's not everyday that u hear about a dad(especially a 15 yr old) raising his child by himself. I know that everyone thinks its a women when a single parent is mentioned. It makes me so happy to know that there really are decent guys in this world. Ur daughter is lucky to have u. And yes, it does get easier..... after a few years. Anyways just wanted to tell u that.


Sgt. Common Sense - June 11

How much do things cost a month? Come on. You should be thinking more long-term here, as in years. Decades. You haven't even been alive for two of those, and for the next two (more than your current lifespan, using circular logic here) you'll be taking care of someone else. And as your child gets older, they get bigger. And more obnoxious, talkative, objective, and needy. There's probably some love or some c___p in there somewhere along the line, but when money is concerned...working a part time job flipping burgers won't cover a d__n thing.


meg - June 11

U GO MAN!!! there should be more guys like u!


Jbear - June 12

You can find used baby furniture and clothes at the thrift store or garage sales. Babies don't wear their clothes for very long, so they don't get that worn out. You can find used sheets, blankets, towels, even strollers and car seats. There's no reason to buy expensive diapers like pampers or huggies when the cheaper ones like luvs or white cloud work just as well. If you are able to b___stfeed, you won't have to buy formula, but if you bottlefeed, you should see if you're eligible for WIC. Baby cereal is super cheap, and you can make your own baby food in the blender (just boil the fruit or veggies first until soft). If you're still living with your parents, a part-time job should be enough to cover the necessities, provided you have someone to watch your baby while you work. You also need to look into getting child support. It doesn't matter if the boy who got you pregnant is working now, you don't get to be a child anymore, so it's only fair that he have to grow up and get a job too.


Reba - June 12

How much does it usually cost a month? Well I b___stfeed and use cloth diapers. So NOthing on that front. But Health insurance is $300 a month. Plus $25 copays each Dr. Visit. THen there is clothes, that's easily $50 a month depending on what he needs. Then babysitting, $5 an hour. Then we have to figure in at least $200 a month for emergency purposes might not use it but might need it. So we're talking boocoo bucks missy. You are going to need a job and you are going to need A LOT of help


Kei - June 12

It's expensive even before you have the baby, because you have to go to the gyno atleast once a month, every month. If you don't have insurance, it'll be bad for you.



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