God Please End This Everyone

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brittany - September 11

The ONLY reason I posted my story was to stick up for girls that you all kept mentally beating up. I do not think what I did was right, and neither do these others who got pregnant. However, I think that when you take a resposibilty such as having s_x, you need to take the consequences along with it, wether it be an std, infection, or having a baby. I do NOT want anyone's sympathy that was not my point in the post. I do not make my life out to be wonderful, I know it is going to be hard, but that is MY fault, and I am facing up to that now. It is wrong for people to assume that just because they know teens or hear statistics that everyone's situation is the same. I went from posting one comment to girls to getting bashed about how my boyfriend is a loser and my parents are terrible..Im sorry that you all feel this way and Im sorry that you all have to be so rude just to voice your opinion. However I am not sorry for the post I made..As I said it wasnt to condone pre-marital s_x or anything else..It was to all these other girls who feel that no one else understands..So like I said. Thanks for everyone's opinions (well almost everyone's..) but this is the end of my post ok?


Brenda - September 2

You say you are here to support others but then in others posts you have slammed girls for putting their baby up for adoption. Make up your mind.


brittany - September 2

I rebuked her for her doing the same to me. She questioned my responsibility and such so I did the same. When someone knocks me for my decesions, and it isnt fair, then I will surely do the same back..and it was tupid for me to even say anything to her..anger got the best of me and it shouldnt have..:o)


to Brittany - September 2

I know where you are coming from, and please dont take this to heart, I know its hard, but strangers are not the best people to give you advice, and as unpersonal as this website is, most people here just use it to verbally abuse the c___p out of people. Don't waste your time on this site, you sound like you have a REAL support system surrounding you and your partner.. turn to that instead of allowing yourself to get hurt by the c___p people write here. They have no repect for people as all they are staring at is a computer screen... and you seem a hell of a lot smarter than that. oxo


Matthew - September 2

That is so crazy and immature. You knock someone else for their decision just because they give you their opinion. What is the logic behind that? Alot of people, even teenagers, are against teenagers having babies when they can just barely learned to drive, can't vote, can't drink legally. Just because you have the organs to procreate does not mean you are old enough too. Why make one bad decision out of another one------ADOPTION IS THE ONLY WAY, teenagers!


Bryant - September 2

Blah, Blah, Blah I'm so supported and that is why I am trolling the net for support. HAH, don't make me fall down laughing! I have read alot of your posts and you wine about people bashing you for keeping your baby but yet you bash others who have decided to give theirs up for adoption. You don't practice what you preach girlie girl. Stop being so judgemental your choice is not necessarily the right one for others.


Shirley - September 2

Giving your child up is being responsible. It is making a hard but wise decision when you are only a teenage. As a teenager you don't have the resouces, education, knowledge, wisdom, or finances to raise a child much less plan for them financially to be taken care of if you should die in a car accident, cancer, etc. I am sure you have not thought about that though............ It is too bad that your mother did not do her job correctly otherwise you would not be in this predicament.


brittany - September 2

ya know..you can have your opinion but you dont have to force it on others. i already said my anger got the best of me and it shouldnt of..i appologize to those i offended with my adoption statement..but adoption isnt always as wonderful as people make it out to be. My cousin gave her son up to Gladney, a very prominent adoption agency, and has gone through hell with the adoptive parents and such.. It was open, but once they get rights they are able to close it at any given time no matter what is said in the begginning. You sign over EVERY SINGLE right you have..and some of you dont realize how hard it will be to hand your child over after you hold him for the first time, even after I saw my baby on sonogram and felt him kick I was in love <3. lol- ohh no i cant drink legally that means i shouldnt have kids? I would like to know your logic behind that statement. I know that I am NOT in the perfect situation. I made a mistake, but I am not going to lie down and give up..I have no choice but to pick myself up and go on. And to be 17 years old (well in 2 days) I think I have accomplished a lot..I have recieved a bright future scholarship, finished highschool a year early, and have a stable job. I am not applauding myself for what I did, but hey at least Im facing up to my mistake..


brittany - September 2

WHY ARE YOU ALL COMING HERE TO CONTINUE TO BASH ME? AND THEN CALL ME IMMATURE. COME ON...lol Teenagers are going to have s_x if they want to no matter what their parents do or say Shirley..and please you do not know what I have thought of ok??? And bryant umm im not trolling for support lol as i have said umm like 20 times i dont want any ones support seriously..what will i gain by having someone online tell me good job or way to go? lol..that is nuts. your right my decesion isnt right for everyone and their isnt right for me ok..DROP IT PLEASE


Gaby - September 2

Open adoption procedures vary per state. I had an open adoption & it was wonderful. I can't praise the adoptive parents enough. I don't regret my decision because I know my child is better off than he would be with me. I am too young and I can't even take care of myself. If I could I would not have gotten myself pregnant at such a young age. I took responsibility by doing the right thing by my child. Responsiblity and real love is putting your child's needs and welfare above everything! I applaud every teenager for choosing life and adoption. It is the only guarantee that your child will have for a bright future. I am sorry you have gotten so much slack but you have given alot out also and then you try to act all innocent. Those are not great characteristics of a great mother in the making.


brittany - September 2

Gaby..*sigh* I appologized, Im stressed and people's constant nagging got to me, I said I was sorry. So please accept that for what it is..


sal - September 2

For goodness sake Brittany, you are a silly immature little girl who has attacked other posters on this site and now you are moaning that people who don't reply to you with nice comments?! Grow up, this is real world, if you are too dumb to realise that then you are in for a lifetime of heartache! You are NOBODY to offer advice. I suggest you stop coming on here and causing so much anger and dispute with people. People don't want to hear your story over and over and over and over agin, so go away.


sam - September 2

you will ruin this childs life if you go onto raise it. you are too young to raise a child properly and that is a FACT. there are 1000s of brilliant couples unable to bear their own children who can give everything to a child - total security, the best health care, nice neighbourhood, the best education, the most love, the best toys and clothes, money for college and university, the BEST life they could ever wish for. You will NEVER be able to afford any of that for a child and don't even dare come on here and insult our intelligence by saying you can. you are only 16 so you probably have no qualifications whatsoever. do you really think this child will thank you for having s_x and getting pregnant so young when they grow up? no they won't. how would you feel if this child in 14 or 15 years time says "mummy i got pregnant just like you did". think about the child! stop being selfish and only thinking of yourself.


!! - September 2

I feel sorry for the child who has to have such a horrible b___hy bumb immature mom as you Brittany.


samuel - September 3

and why any of u think that any girl on this site is guna listen to ur duma__s remarks amuses me lol. do u all believe u are really affecting sum1?


Tara - September 3

Brittany you must be one of the more self absorbed people on this forum. Of course what you are doing is right & everyone else's decisions are wrong. I feel sorry for your child!


Jill - September 3

When are you going to understand that s_x is NOT a responsible action and it does not qualify you to be a responsible parent! Quite the opposite if you think about it.



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